Fun and fabulous kids' birthday party decoration ideas

If you're hosting a child’s birthday party at home, you’ll want to come up with some perfectly themed birthday decoration ideas to create the party of your child’s dreams (and, let’s face it, to show off in front of the other parents). Read on to discover top choices for birthday party themes and kids' birthday decoration ideas to pull off the best party ever.


Fun and fabulous kids' birthday party decoration ideas

Top five children's party theme ideas

Before choosing your birthday party decoration ideas it is a good idea to consider some classic and unique birthday party themes which will help you narrow down birthday decoration ideas perfect for each party you plan. You can also ask your little one in case they have any particular plans for their special day (good luck making them come true):

  1. Princes and princesses. Most of us will have attended a royalty-themed party at some point, and it is the perfect opportunity to let your kids live out their regal fantasies.
  2. Superheroes and villains. This is a party theme that isn’t only perfect for kids but adults, too!
  3. Fantasy. Whether your child is into mermaids, unicorns, wizards or hobbits, you will have plenty of options to create a fabulous fantasy party for children of all ages.
  4. Woodland wonderland. Nature is such a beautiful part of our everyday lives and can make for a very pretty party that will make for an unforgettable birthday.
  5. Silly circus. Throwing a circus-themed party is another fun idea, with lots of opportunity for games to tire the guests out. Set up stations for magic, (gentle) acrobatics and soft toy taming and put on a show for the parents when they come to collect their children!
Once you have the best kids' birthday decoration ideas, why not try making some of them yourself? This is not only environmentally friendly but will save you money, too

Top five kids' party decoration ideas

If you’re looking for kids' birthday decoration ideas, we have you covered. Read on to discover our top five choices for creating these birthday party decoration ideas at home:

  1. Think about the backdrop. Plain white or coloured walls may work well in your home, but they are a bit bland for a party. Try investing in themed backdrops that can stick to your walls, or a homemade photobooth to add a fun and exciting atmosphere.
  2. Go classic with balloons. Balloons are well-loved by children of all ages, whether you create a balloon bouquet, arch or wall full of bright colours. They’re also fun to bring home as a short-lived memento of the party.
  3. Match the decorations with your tableware. These days there is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing table cloths, napkins, plates and other tableware, so get some that go with the overall theme and add some themed party favours to take the birthday meal to the next level.
  4. Get creative with recycling. Make your own decorations from table centre pieces from decorated old jam jars or plastic bottle lids in the shape of flowers and more.
  5. Consider matching the food to your theme. From turning tomatoes with a little mayo into ladybirds to decorating cupcakes to look like unicorns, the food your children have at their party is a great way to add party decoration finishing touches.

Now you have some tried and tested children's party theme ideas and decoration advice, you can create an awesome party atmosphere. With our birthday party decoration ideas, you can be sure everyone will have fun and enjoy a party to remember!

Key Steps

  •  Choose from a selection of birthday party themes to narrow down birthday decoration ideas perfect for the party you’re planning.
  • Ask your children which theme they want.
  • Choose birthday party decoration ideas that fit your theme.
  • Save money by creating birthday party decoration ideas at home, instead of buying them.

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