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Household cleaning tips for families

If everyone chips in on the household cleaning you'll end up with more free time to have fun together! Read on for tips on household cleaning for families.


By Cleanipedia Team

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Key steps:

  • Get the whole family involved with cleaning to lighten the load and have fun together

  • Give kids their own tools, tasks and responsibilities

  • Create a weekly schedule so everyone can keep on top of their jobs

Save time with a little help from everyone and try out our household cleaning tips and tricks for families.

Using these household cleaning tips will help you to keep your home in top shape. Working together and delegating tasks means you’ll get jobs done quicker and have more time to spend together as a family having fun. Allocating chores to kids also teaches them about responsibility. Follow our household cleaning tips and get everyone stuck in!

Household cleaning for families doesn’t have to be boring! Liven up chores by checking out some fun and exciting cleaning games for kids – they may even end up wanting to do more chores!

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Household Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Families


To make cleaning more fun for kids, supply them with their own cleaning items such as a specific colour cloth or duster. This way they can feel ownership over their chores. Another idea is to get them a mini bucket and spade to help out in the garden. The latest cleaning gadgets and power tools are also great incentives for teenagers who are more likely to get involved in household cleaning if it means trying out something new and interesting. Of course, you should always be careful to keep cleaning tools and products, such as laundry capsules, out of the reach of children and always supervise them when they’re helping out with the chores. For more information on capsule safety for kids, check out Persil’s handy guide.

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Under the Bed

What’s lurking under your kids’ beds? You probably don’t want to know, but it’s always best not to let mess fester. Make sure you have a regular clear out, looking under their beds. Get them involved, too, and they may even find an old toy that they’ve been looking for. Turn on some fun music and get reaching. Make three piles: one for toys, one for clothes, and one for things to throw away.

Pet Hair

Pet hair can get everywhere. Make sure you hoover regularly, and if your family pet sleeps on your bed, hoover your covers each day and wash your sheets regularly to remove those pet odours, too. A handheld hoover is great for this and a handy size for kids to use. Another household cleaning tip is to use a paint roller wrapped in duct tape to speedily remove pet hair from furniture.

Car Cleaning

This is a fun household cleaning activity for the whole family. A sunny day is a great time to clean the car together. Give everyone their own job such as refilling buckets, scrubbing, rinsing, or polishing. Be careful not to get too wet!


Invest in some storage boxes for your kids’ toys to declutter their room or your living room. Brightly coloured boxes can be attractive and can help to organise their things. For example, each child could have a different coloured box for his or her toys, or a yellow box could be for indoor toys and a green box for outdoor toys. Make sure toy boxes can be easily accessed by the kids. If they can’t reach it, they can’t tidy up themselves. Teach them from an early age to pick up their toys and put them away once they’re done.

Laundry Tips

With a full household your weekends can become consumed with washing, spread it out by creating a schedule for the week such as sheets on Monday, dark clothes on Wednesday and light colours on Friday. If your family is prone to food spills, make sure you use detergent for spot-treating to effectively remove food and greasy or oily stains on clothing.

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