How to hack the school run: family morning routines to start your day right

Here we'll provide tips to get your morning routine right and prepare for smooth sailing every day.


Children school uniform laid out with notepads

Creating an organised family morning routine is the best way to master the art of getting your family washed, fed and out the door on time. Here we'll provide some tips to get your morning routine right and how to prepare for smooth sailing every morning.

To start your morning routine on the right foot, ensure that everyone, especially children, is getting enough sleep. Insist on an early night if they tend to get up early.

How to establish a morning routine for you

The first step to getting a family morning routine that works is to ensure that you have one yourself.

  • Get everything ready the night before. This can include packing lunches and ensuring that bags, keys and more are ready to go.
  • Get up before your kids. It is important to be up 15 – 30 minutes before your kids so you can be showered, dressed and ready to focus on helping them get ready.
  • Get breakfast ready. You know your family members’ favourite morning meals, so have it ready for when they get up.
  • Keep calm. Have an all-important morning cuppa and keep calm.

Tips for setting up a morning routine for kids

Once you have established your own routine, help your kids get into a morning routine for school.

  • Practice on a non-school day. This will help you check what time alarms need to be set and how the morning routine will work.
  • Get them to lay out their clothes or uniform the night before. If they are old enough to dress themselves, this can be the first thing they then do in the morning.
  • Have a when-then system. Teach your children that when they get up, they then get dressed. When they are dressed, they then brush their teeth – so on and so forth.
  • Set up a reminder chart. Write down each part of your morning routine on a chart that your kids can follow to ensure everything is done.

Our top family morning routine ideas

  1. Now that you have some top tips for creating a good morning routine, here is our guide to the ideal family morning routine.
  2. Get everything ready the night before and set and alarm for both you and your kids.
  3. Get up 15 – 30 minutes before your kids and get yourself dressed.
  4. Get breakfast ready for when the kids are up.
  5. Ensure the kids are up when their alarm goes off, and make their bed before starting the day.
  6. Get the kids dressed, brush their teeth, do their hair and sit down for breakfast.
  7. Have breakfast together as a family.
  8. Everyone puts their own bowls into the kitchen ready for washing up.
  9. Next, kids can get their coats and shoes on ready to leave.
  10. Each family member is responsible for collecting their own bags, lunchboxes and water bottles.
  11. Head out the door and have a great day!

You can follow these tips for a good morning routine for school, or adapt them to suit your own family, to help ensure that everyone is washed, fed and out the door on time day after day.

Key Steps

  • Get important things like bags and lunchboxes sorted the night before.
  • Set up your own morning routine first.
  • Use a when-then system, so your children know which morning activity follows on to the next.
  • Use a reminder chart in case your children forget the order of their morning routine.

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