How to make a DIY dog bed

Everything you need to know for making a homemade dog bed, including the materials you’ll need and some important safety tips.


A DIY dog bed with a dog toy

Key steps

  1. Choose a base structure for your DIY dog bed
  2. Make sure it’s suitable for a dog by checking for smooth surfaces and no inappropriate materials
  3. Add lots of cushions and blankets
  4. Be sure to wash regularly to prevent the build-up of that unmistakable doggy smell

From vet bills to food and toys, owning a pet can be expensive. Thankfully, you can have one less thing to pay for by making a stylish, comfortable and affordable DIY dog bed at home. Here we give a step-by-step guide to three different dog bed ideas, with tips for personalising this project for your own special doggy friend.

However you make it, be sure to keep your dog’s bed clean and germ-free with Persil’s Non-Bio detergent or Seventh Generation. Their gentle formulas are kind to pets while still removing that unmistakeable doggy odour.

Why have a homemade dog bed?

There are lots of reasons to make a bed for your dog. Fundamentally, your dog having his or her own bed will keep them comfortable and stop them wanting to go into yours. But making your own is even more special. It’s a way to create something completely unique for your furry friend and personalise it exactly to their needs. Take these three dog bed ideas as inspiration:

1. How to make a dog bed from stuff you have at home

The easiest way to make a dog bed is to adapt something you have already. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Remove the fiddly bits from an old suitcase, secure it open and pad out with comfy sheets for your dog to sleep in there
  2. Re-upholster an old dog bed with funky new material
  3. Use old drawers with lots of pillows (for smaller pooches)
  4. Make a large pillow using old fabric

Safety Warning

Make sure the fabrics you use are suitable for your dog and never include any small items of finishing details that could become choking hazards. 

2. How to make a pallet dog bed

A pallet dog bed is both an easy project and a stylish home feature.

  1. Pick up an old wooden shipping pallet and sand it down to ensure there are no sharp edges or splinters
  2. Paint it with your preferred colour, making sure to use a non-toxic paint
  3. Varnish it thoroughly to ensure a smooth finish
  4. Place an appropriately sized cushion to cover the base
  5. Layer up your dog’s favourite blankets on top
  6. Voila, your very own doggy pallet bed!

3. How to make a dog bed out of your bedside table

Never want to be too far from your canine loved one? Here’s another fun idea:

  1. If you have a large bedside table with space underneath it, you can create a homemade dog bed there. You could alternatively take the drawers out of a small chest of drawers to create a dog-sized nook.
  2. Make sure the surfaces are smooth and the paintwork isn’t chipped
  3. Layer a large cushion on the bottom or the floor underneath.

Now you know three easy ways to make a dog bed, have a go and see which one works best for you and your canine best friend. Remember, whatever type of dog bed you choose, it’s important to clean them regularly to stop the build up of that classic dog smell. Read our guide to cleaning a dog’s bed if you’re not sure where to start. 

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