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How to make dog toys and a DIY dog kennel at home

Here’s how to create your very own dog kennel, plus some fun tips and tricks on making dog toys at home.


DIY dog toys in a blue dog bed

Key steps

If you want to make some DIY dog toys or a homemade kennel, follow these key steps:

  • Always be sure to use only appropriate materials and never include small fiddly pieces in toys that could be choking hazards.
  • If you’re making a dog kennel, varnish thoroughly to make sure the surface doesn’t give your dog splinters.
  • Browse the internet for images and inspiration

Want to show your canine friend a little bit of love while also having a fun creative project for yourself? Why not try making dog toys or kennel at home? Both are surprisingly easy and a great way to save a few pennies. Here’s how to make dog toys and a DIY dog kennel.

Always make sure the toys you give to your dog are clean and germ-free by washing them with Persil’s Non-Bio detergent or Seventh Generation.


Domestos kills all known germs & viruses dead

Building a dog kennel: A step-by-step guide

A DIY dog kennel in the garden is a thrifty way to give your dog a comfortable spot to relax in when the family is outside. There are lots of ways to make a DIY dog house, ranging from easy to extravagant. Here’s a simple idea to start you off:

  1. Look in a salvage yard for an old wooden shipping crate that’s big enough for your dog to sit in comfortably – preferably one with a lid or a hinged opening.
  2. Keeping the lid or open side at the top (as a roof), create an opening on one side that your dog can climb through with a saw.
  3. Drill a series of holes or cut some small ‘windows’ in the upper sides of the box, to let some light in
  4. Sand down the whole structure and apply a layer of wood sealant to protect your dog against splinters.
  5. If you like, you could paint the outside with yours (or your dog’s) favourite colour.
  6. Optionally, attach some plastic sheeting as a flap over the ‘door’ and ‘windows’ for extra weather protection. Take care to choose a material that’s flexible enough for your dog to push open and if necessary, cut the door flap into a few thick strips for easier access.
  7. Open up the ‘roof’ and lay some comfy old cushions and blankets over the floor of the crate.
  8. Replace the lid or hinged opening over the top, and lie some waterproof sheeting over it for rain protection.
  9. Introduce your dog to their new outdoor pad!

How to make dog toys

Inspired by your success in making a dog kennel and want to try something else? How about making DIY dog toys? It is incredibly easy to repurpose some household items into fun dogs toys. Here are a few different suggestions:

  • Cover a tennis ball with an old t-shirt and secure with a knot or tightly looped hair elastic. Then, cut the remaining fabric into attached strips and plait them carefully. Your dog will love playing with the ball and tugging on the strips.
  • Knot up some rope into a ball shape for your dog to play with. Use sturdy, good quality rope to prevent it fraying.
  • If you’ve got old sock that needs re-using, cut a hole in the end then slip a plastic bottle inside and tie both ends with twine. This is a fun item for your dog to wrestle with to their heart’s content.

Whether you’ve made a DIY dog kennel or dog toys, be sure to keep them clean and fresh as much as you can. Launder fabrics regularly with a good quality detergent and give wipeable surfaces a once-over with germ-busting spray at least once a week to keep bacteria at bay.

Making dog toys or a DIY dog house is a great activity that can create something fun for your pet. As long as you take good precautions to ensure the safety of what you create, this is a fantastic way to show a little love for man’s best friend.

Safety Warning

Make sure homemade dog toys are not made from harmful materials and avoid small parts that could pose a choking hazard.

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