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How to organise the best sleepover: ideas for a kids’ party

Here we’ll share the best sleepover ideas to keep everyone happy ensure there isn't too much mess!


By Cleanipedia Team

How to organise the best sleepover: ideas for a kids' party

Kids love sleepovers because they mean duvet forts, fun snacks, and most importantly, more time spent with their friends! Here we’ll share some of the best sleepover ideas to keep everyone happy, reduce your stress levels, and make sure there isn't too much mess when it ends!

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Sleepover and pyjama party ideas to reduce your stress

If you’re worried about gaining some new grey hairs over a boys’ or girls’ sleepover, ideas like these will help you pull off a great success with minimal stress.

  • Pre-plan everything. From the food, to sleeping arrangements, to activities, ensure everything is planned and written down on a piece of paper or chalk board.
  • Limit the guest list. While your kids might think that having half their class over would be great, avoid chaos by ensuring they only invite a couple of their best friends.
  • Choose the date carefully. If you have work, or they have school the following day, it is probably not the best time for a sleepover!
  • Do it one child at a time. If you have more than one, it is best not to let them all invite friends over at the same time.
  • Establish some ground rules. Make sure that your kids are aware of the rules of having friends over for sleepovers, and that their guests understand these too.
  • Don’t be afraid to wake them in the morning. For those who aren’t early risers, be sure to have an alarm and get them up for breakfast before it’s time to leave.

Top boys’ and girls' sleepover ideas

These girls’ and boys' sleepover ideas should help you prepare to pull off a sleepover without a hitch.

  1. Try the classics: makeovers and online game tournaments. If you've got a group of make-up obsessed girls sleeping over then why not do their hair, make-up and nails for a little pampering fun? Just be sure everyone washes it off before bed. If you've got gaming obsessed boys then why not let them start their own games tournament - they can play online if you don't own a console, just be sure to make sure the site they visit is secure, doesn't require payment information, and that they are restricted from accessing any inappropriate websites.
  2. Have a movie night. One of the easiest, most stress-free things to do at a sleepover is a movie night. Make a comfy set-up with pillows and sleeping bags, a big bag of popcorn and a recent release you can rent on a number of hosts.
  3. Play board games. A golden oldie among both girls’ and boys’ sleepover ideas. You might be surprised at how much kids enjoy board games over sitting on a games console, and this way everyone can be involved together.

Three sleepover party essentials

No doubt you will be inundated with kids' sleepover ideas by your own kids, but here are our three most important sleepover party essentials for your peace of mind:

  1. Emergency contact numbers. Make sure you have the parents’ details of any children attending the sleepover.
  2. First aid kit. Just in case of emergencies!
  3. Cleaning supplies. From a broom to cleaning products like Cif be ready for the mess. Get the kids involved too!

Now you have some great sleepover ideas you can be sure to pull off the perfect boys’ or girls’ sleepover party. With our top tips you can be sure it will be the talk of the playground for weeks to come.

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