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Parenting level 100: Playroom ideas your kids dream about

Here we'll share some kids’ playroom ideas including decorating and using kids’ playroom storage.


By Cleanipedia Team

childs play room with orange wall

If you have a spare room and kids which have too much energy, why not turn that room into an awesome playroom? Here we’ll share some great kids play area ideas including how to decorate and make it somewhere they will love to be. In order to help you keep it organised, we also have a selection of toy room storage ideas.

Ask your children if they have playroom ideas, after all it’s a space that they’ll be using the most. Get them involved in the decorating and tidying too!

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Kids playroom ideas: decorating suggestions

When it comes to kids play room ideas the first thing you will want to do is decorate the space. If it’s being used exclusively as a toy room, there are some easy ways you can make is fun and functional.

  • Use a theme. Whether your children like under the sea, princesses or the jungle, there are so many ways you could theme the room. A mural wall is always a great way to decorate or you can simply use artwork, canvases, borders, wallpaper or paint colours to create your chosen theme. 
  • Create a craft corner. Arts and crafts are a great way to encourage learning and development. Dedicate a corner for crafting and set up a table or easel and a few craft essentials like colouring pencils. Keep messy or sharp items like paint, glue and scissors out of reach so kids can only use them when supervised.
  • Hang homemade art. Make family handprint art or ask your children to paint or draw a picture that matches the theme of the playroom and hang it on the wall. This helps to add a personal touch to the room.
  • Make a quiet corner. Just because it’s a playroom doesn’t mean your kids can’t also use it to relax. Use bean bags or giant cushions to create a corner they can chill out in and read a book or have a nap.
  • Add a fun rug. A quick and easy way to make a space feel homely is to add a rug. There are some great options for kids including maps and car tracks. Choose one which brightens the space and protects your flooring.

Top tips for choosing kids playroom storage

If you’re looking for toy room storage ideas, here are some top tips to ensure the space stays organised.

  • Use brightly coloured, fun storage. This is likely to help your children want to use it. This will not only help to keep the space organised but save you time tidying up after them.
  • Use the walls. Just because they can have a bit of colour or wallpaper on them doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be used. Put up hooks for aprons and shelves for books.
  • Encourage quick clean up. Rather than having drawers and boxes that need to be put away, use open storage pots and shelving which means your kids can quickly pop their toys away when it’s time for tea.

Now we’ve helped give you some toy room ideas, you can create the perfect spot for your children to spread their wings and use up their excess energy. Plus, our playroom storage ideas should help to keep it tidy and organised when they’re not using it which means less cleaning for you!

Key Steps

  • Ask your kids if they have any toy room ideas they would like to include.
  • Use a theme like under the sea or jungle to create a fun space.
  • Add bright coloured or fun shaped storage to encourage your kids to use it.

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