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Rain, rain, go away: Household rainy day games for kids & how to clean their wellies after!

Browse our rainy day ideas for kids and suggestions on how to keep kids entertained in all weathers.


By Cleanipedia Team

cupcake and icing utensils on worktop - baking is a great rainy day idea for kids

There's plenty you can do indoors (and outdoors, with the right clothing) when it starts raining. Here we’ll share some great rainy day activities for kids. Our tips will range from educational things to do on a rainy day with kids to ways to tire them and even teach you how to clean wellies afterwards. Let’s get started!

Once you have a list of rainy day ideas for kids, get your little ones to choose their own activities. Sometimes they may want to splash in puddles, others they’ll be happy with a puzzle at home.

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Rainy day activities for kids staying indoors

If you’re looking for things to do on a rainy day with kids to keep everyone happy without going outside, you could:

  • Build a fort: this has to be a childhood rite of passage, doesn’t it? All you need are pillows, cushions and blankets to create the perfect indoor hideaway.
  • Go on a treasure hunt: write out clues to lead your kids from place to place before ending up at a final treasure such as a box of chocolates.
  • Host a home cinema experience: crack out the popcorn, stick on a family-friendly movie, and snuggle up to watch it together.
  • Get baking: there’s nothing nicer than a sweet, homemade treat. Why not ask your children to help bake and decorate some cupcakes?

What to do with kids on a rainy day if you still want to go out

Not bothered about getting a little wet? Try rainy day ideas for kids but remember to wrap up warm and keep everyone covered with waterproof, protective clothing.

  • Go to the library: a walk to the library is a great way to get out, run off some energy and pick out a new book to enjoy at bedtime.
  • Go for a walk: no matter how short, walking is good for everyone. You never know what you might find out in the rain - from puddles to water loving creatures.
  • Have fun in the mud: all you need is wet soil and some bowls from your kitchen! Mud play is a great sensory activity for children of all ages so it’s not just fun.

How to clean rain boots

The last thing you need after a day of muddy play outside is an evening scrubbing mud marks off the floor or finding caked mud on rain boots for weeks to come. Luckily, there are ways to get rid of the murky substance before it's had a chance to leave any permanent damage. Here's how to clean rain boots in an easy way:

  1. Wipe off excess mud, grass and grime with a cloth and plain, warm water.
  2. Rub a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid into the material in a circular motion.
  3. Use a soft-bristled brush to do the same to the soles. Take special care to avoid wearing down the rubber.
  4. Rinse off the entire boot with warm water.
  5. For the interior, mix a solution of hot water and detergent such as Persil and wipe it across the surface a few times with a soft cloth. Use another cloth with water to “rinse” the boot interior.

Now you have some fun rainy day ideas for kids, don't let the weather affect your family day. After all, with our tips on how to clean wellington boots you can have fun whatever the weather!

Key Steps

Don’t let rain ruin your fun, just remember these tips:

  • Pick rainy day activities for kids suited to their age.
  • Give your kids a few options and let them choose the activity – it’s the best way to keep them engaged.
  • Don’t be afraid to go out in the rain, just be sure to wrap up in raincoats and wellies so that no-one gets a chill.

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