Student blues: uni room ideas to make halls feel like home

This article gives some simple student bedroom ideas that are quick and easy to implement and will help your new place feel like home.


Uni room ideas to make halls feel like home

While going off to university can be incredibly exciting, it’s normal to feel a little homesick sometimes too. Making your uni room décor homely and comfortable is one great tried-and-tested strategy for getting used to living away from your family. Here are a few student bedroom ideas to help your new digs feel like home.

Try using the same brand of laundry detergent that your parents use. It’ll make your new place smell like home.

Four student room ideas to personalise your space

Are you looking for uni room ideas (or dorm room ideas, as they say in the US) to help spruce up your new space and make it feel homely? Here are five student bedroom ideas that you can try today:

  1. Adapt the lighting: One of the best student room ideas is to think about lighting. Warm, soft lighting makes a real positive difference to the way you feel in a space. If you’re allowed, try switching out the bulbs for a softer hue, or if not get some lamps that will provide a bit of atmosphere.
  2. Put up your own posters and artwork: There’s nothing better than personalising your dorm décor with posters and artwork. Bring old ones that will make the room feel like home, or invest in something new. Chose prints and styles that reflect your personality or find posters for your favourite band or film. You might find that your new friends share your taste!
  3. Insert a bit of colour: Standard dorm room décor tends to be neutral, so spice the place up with a bit of colour. Most places won’t allow you to paint the walls, so use throws, cushions or home-painted furniture to brighten things up.
  4. Bring your pillows from home: While student room decoration can make a real difference to your comfort away from home, there’s nothing better than bringing your own pillow. Put the standard issue uni pillow away and settle down on the one that makes you feel at home.

Homesickness in your student bedroom: Ideas to tackle feeling far away from home

Homely uni room décor can be great for making your new space feel like yours. If you tend to get a bit homesick, here are a few tricks to try:

  • Use the same brand of laundry detergent your parents use. Smell is incredibly evocative so making your room smell like home will give you a real sense of belonging.
  • As part of your student room decoration, put pictures of family members on the walls. This can help you to remember happy times together and often feel like a real comfort.
  • If you’re feeling lonely in your room, try to invite in new people and potential friends. If you’re living in halls there’ll be other new students on your corridor to make friends with – and some of them will be feeling as homesick as you. Invite them in for a cuppa and you might meet your new best friend.

Putting a bit of thought and creativity into your uni room décor is one of the best ways you can settle in. Try out these dorm room ideas to help you feel at home quickly in your new uni, so you can focus on all the fun parts of moving away from home!

Key steps

  1. Decorate your room to reflect your personality
  2. Connect with other living nearby to make new friends
  3. Create a familiar environment – bring pillows, mugs and artwork from home.

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