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What to expect in the third trimester of pregnancy

As the delivery date fast approaches, mums-to-be experience a range of feelings! Read on for all you need to know about the last trimester of pregnancy.


By Cleanipedia Team

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Key steps

  1. If you're worried or have any questions, do not hesitate to go and see your doctor.

  2. The third trimester is a great time to stock up on everything you'll need for baby. 

  3. Gentle exercise will help relieve stress and tension, whilst maintaining your body's overall health. 

After many weeks and a whole lot of growing, the third trimester is ready to arrive, signalling the final sprint before your little one is in your arms. It’s probably the most exciting of all trimesters, as it means you’re getting very close to the day of the birth. After months of waiting, your baby is almost here!

As with the two trimesters before it, the third trimester is full of changes and steps that you need to prepare for. To help soon-to-be parents out, we’ve put together a guide of what to expect in the third trimester and a list of things you should be thinking about.

The nesting instinct is usually something that occurs towards the end of your pregnancy, so be prepared! When you feel the irresistible need to clean up the house, make sure you have non-bio, baby-safe products close by! Persil Non-bio detergent and Comfort Pure fabric softener are great options when washing clothes, bedding, or any other garments.

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When does the third trimester start?

Your last trimester of pregnancy begins at week 28 and continues until you give birth.

Third trimester weight gain?

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Weight gain in the third trimester is completely normal as your baby continues to grow. You’ll probably gain around 10 pounds, and the weight you put on will taper off as your due date nears.

Third trimester pregnancy symptoms

The biggest change in terms of what happens in the third trimester is the arrival of Braxton Hicks contractions. Not every woman will experience these, but don’t be alarmed if you do! These are basically mild forms of contractions as your body prepares to give birth, though they don’t mean you’re going into labour. If they become more painful and regular, visit your doctor.

You may also continue to feel sick, have aches, pains and heartburn, as well as frequent urination as increased baby growth in third trimester means your little one is going to pushing even more on your bladder. But don’t worry, it’ll all be worth it soon!

Pregnancy exercises third trimester

A lot of soon-to-be mums like to do gentle exercises in their third trimester to ease discomfort and keep their body fit and healthy. Be sure not to over-do it and listen to your body as you exercise; if you’re becoming more tired, shorten your workouts and take more rests.

Gentle yoga can be a great way to stretch your body and keep active. See if there are any classes in your area specifically for pregnant women or look up tutorials online and do some small stretches from the comfort of your own home.

Prepare for your Baby

Put together a third trimester to-do list of everything you still need to do before your baby arrives. This’ll help you to feel more organised and less stressed. Make sure you’re stocked up on everything you need and change household products to those that will be safe for your baby, such as switching to baby-safe detergents and fabric conditioners like Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure.

Now, all that’s left to do is wait until you can meet your little one for the first time. Take the time to relax and unwind – there’s going to be a few years where ‘you-time’ is limited, so make the most of it now!

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