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How to get wax out of carpet safely

Horror of horrors, you’ve spilt candle wax on your rug. Don’t panic. Here’s how to get wax out of carpet quickly and safely.


By Cleanipedia Team

Ooh we do love a good candle here at Cleanipedia. They’re great for creating a relaxing atmosphere (and hiding the delightful aroma of sweaty trainers and wet dog.) Accidents happen, so knowing how to get wax out of carpet is rather handy. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy if you follow our step-by-step guide.

How to get wax out of carpet

You will need:

  • Iron
  • Knife
  • Rubber gloves
  • A plastic bag (make sure there are no holes in it)
  • Some ice
  • Kitchen roll or an old, clean towel
  • Carpet cleaner
  • A sponge


  1. Freeze the wax

    Fill a watertight plastic bag with ice and press it onto the wax. This will harden it and make it more brittle. You may need to leave the bag in place for a few minutes to harden the wax.

    It’s important not to get any water on the wax as that will make it trickier to remove, so do make sure the bag doesn’t have holes – a resealable sandwich bag is perfect. Try to tackle the spill quickly, but don’t put the plastic bag onto really hot wax or it could melt the plastic.

    If in doubt, fill the bag with water first to check for leaks. Or use a bag of frozen peas wrapped up in another plastic bag. 

  2. Scrape the wax off

    Using a blunt knife, scrape off as much of the wax as possible. Take care with this step. You might want to wear thick rubber gloves to help protect your fingers. Dispose of the loose bits of wax before moving on to the next step.

    If you’re worried about cutting yourself, try using an old plastic bank card or gift card instead.

  3. Warm the wax

    Place an old clean towel or a few squares of kitchen paper on top of the remaining wax. Run over it with a warm iron so that the towel or paper absorbs the remaining wax.

    Switch off the steam, don’t let the iron come into contact with the carpet and make sure it doesn’t get too hot - you don’t want to end up with a singed rug.

  4. Sponge the stain

    Sponge the stain with a commercial carpet cleaner. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions (and wear rubber gloves if advised to).

    If you haven’t used the cleaner before, you might want to test it first on a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet.

All done. Accidents happen and there’s no use crying over spilt wax. Try not to leave a candle unattended again though! Candle wax on carpet isn’t something you want to tackle too often, and candles are a common cause of household fires.

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How to get candle wax out of carpet and other surfaces: Your questions answered

Removing wax from carpet is fairly easy if you follow the steps above. But what if you don’t have an iron? Or you’ve spilt wax on a hard floor? Here’s what you need to do...

How do you get candle wax out of the carpet without an iron?

Try using a hairdryer to warm the wax instead. You’ll still need to use an old towel or kitchen roll to soak up the wax as the hot air melts it.

I can’t get the stain out!

Candle wax on carpet can sometimes leave a stain. Sponging it with a stain-removing carpet cleaner should shift it, but if you’re struggling give these stain busting hacks a try.

Help! I’ve got wax on the iron.

It’s easily done. You should be able to chip it off once the iron is cool. It’s worth giving your iron a good clean afterwards though.

How do you get candle wax off a wooden floor?

Funnily enough we’ve got a hack for that. It involves a hairdryer and white vinegar. Here’s how to remove candle wax from wooden floors and walls.

How can I get wax out of my clothes?

Spilt candle wax on your favourite shirt? The best way to get rid of it is very similar to removing wax from carpet. Read our full guide to getting wax out of clothing here.

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