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How To Use Persil Ecorefill

Want to make the sustainable choice, and use Persil Ecorefill? Here's the easy step-by-step guide to starting to use and refill your product.

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Persil Eco Refill, sustainable refillable product

Your easy step-by-step guide to using Persil Ecorefill.

How to start using your Persil Ecorefill

  1. Firstly, add water to the bottle

    Always add water first to avoid the product over-foaming. Add cold tap water (600ml) to the line shown on the side of the bottle.

    Step 1: Adding water to the Persil Eco Refill bottle
  2. Add the Persil Ecorefill pouch.

    Snip the corner from the pouch where indicated and carefully pour into the bottle

    Step 2: Adding the Persil Eco Refill pouch
  3. Mixing your product

    Replace the cap on your bottle. Slowly invert 5 times to mix. It's then ready to use as normal.

    Make sure you retain the bottle after use, ready for your next refill.

    Step 3: Mixing your product
  4. Order your refill pouches online

    Step 4: Refill supply of pouches
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