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5 steps to get into a cleaning routine that works

A cleaning routine that works is the newest household essential. Read on to put together your own!


By Cleanipedia Team

cleaning routine

Getting into a good cleaning routine can completely change the way you clean your home. It can help you get on top of everything you need to do, spread out the cleaning over a number of days and give you back the control. Without a housework routine, it can be easy to let all the cleaning take over your life, which is why routines are so important!

To help you create one that works for you, your family and your home, we’ve put together some helpful tips and tricks.

  1. Write down your daily, weekly and monthly jobs:  You’re likely going to have a daily housework routine that’s different from your weekly one, and you may even have a morning and night cleaning routine, too.
    • Write down the jobs you do every day, such as cleaning the kitchen tops and tidying away clothes. Then, write down your night cleaning routine, such as washing up after dinner. Next, write down the jobs that need to be done once a week, like cleaning the bathroom and hoovering.
    • By splitting the jobs that need doing into these categories, you can begin to put together a better routine.
  2. My weekly cleaning routine:  Once your routine is sorted, write everything down on a big board labelled ‘my weekly cleaning routine’. This will help you to remember everything you have to do and stay on top of your cleaning. You could ever have separate ones, for example ‘night time cleaning routine’ and ‘everyday cleaning routine’.
  3. Split the jobs:  If you live with others, be it flat-mates or family, create a housework routine that includes everyone. Write up a chart with all the days of the week and all the jobs and fill out who is in charge of what and when. You can change who does what every week or month to prevent any arguments or people getting bored with their room cleaning routine.
  4. Stock up on cleaning products:  Make sure you have enough cleaning products for your cleaning routine, and ones that you can trust to get the job done quickly and easily, not make the work harder for you. Always have versatile cleaners such as Cif Cream and Domestos Thick Bleach stocked up so you’ll always be ready to clean.
  5. Keep up the motivation:  To motivate yourself to stick to your cleaning routine, you need to give yourself and your family incentives. Have a reward at the end of the week or month if you stick to every day of your routine, like a meal out or a group activity.

After you’ve kept it up for some time, your housework routine will become habit more than anything else. You won’t even have to think about it!

Add the items from your daily housework routine to your calendar to make sure they’re part of your daily and weekly planning. It’s great to be able to tick them off at the end of the day!

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