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Drawer organiser ideas to make every day that little bit easier

Here’s how ordering your desk or kitchen drawers can help order your life.


By Cleanipedia Team

drawer with folded and organised baby clothes

Having organised drawers is a thing that, until you experience it, you don’t realise the generous effect it can have on you. Obviously being able to find things quickly is a benefit, but pulling open a neat and tidy drawer can provide an unexpected comfort (you don’t need to be a zen master to realise that an orderly life helps with an uncluttered mind). Try these drawer organiser ideas to add tranquillity to your life.

Drawer organising groundwork

Whatever the drawer’s purpose there’s a basic tidy-up procedure:

  1. Empty the drawer so you can sort through the contents.
  2. Decide whether you need everything in there – this is a moment to be honest with yourself! Top tip: If you’re really not sure, bag or box the item and put away in a cupboard. If in three months you haven’t touched it, chances are you don’t need it (also, try these tips for decluttering).
  3. Think about what goes together. Categorise by colour, type or purpose – or by some other method that works for you (because you’re the one using the drawers every day).

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Kitchen drawer organising ideas that really work

Dividers make the best kitchen drawer organisers. Use wooden box ones for articles like utensils, spatulas and peelers. For larger items slot in dividers diagonally across the drawer. If you have the depth, put in plastic boxes to hold your Tupperware (keep the lids in a separate section).

For space efficiency, keep saucepan lids separate from the pots. One trick is to install a tension rod across the front of a drawer to hold the lids in place. Remember to have a separate drawer for cooking knives – not only will they be readily to hand but they risk damage if stuffed in with the other utensils.

Trouble-free drawer organising in the bedroom

Without a method, a chest of drawers can easily turn into a black hole for clothing. Line a drawer with small bins to keep socks and tights in order. Fold items such as t-shirts and jeans so you can store them vertically to maximize space (if you’re not sure of the folding method, take a look at this guide to KonMari folding techniques). Try taming your jewellery by organising it in ice cube trays. Bulky sweaters and the like may be better off in the wardrobe or stored under the bed.

Easy desk drawer hacks for the office

All drawers are not created equal – the top door of your desk reigns supreme by virtue of being closest to hand. Put things here that you use the most – pens, staplers, ruler, sticky notes, cables, whatever you use day-to-day. A drawer divider will keep it all in place (top tip: cutlery holders double up nicely as stationery organisers).

Fill the rest of the desk drawers following the simple rule of keeping what you use to hand. Keep an eye out for what you don’t use very often (cables, specialist print papers, books) and demote these items to a cupboard or storage box.

Remember, once you have your drawers shipshape you need to stay on top of them. Resist the urge to stuff them with things so you have to start all over again.

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