Cable management ideas at home

Try our key tips and tricks to hide or consolidate your cables and prevent your home looking electronically messy!


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We use leads and cables for all sorts of things in the home: TVs, appliances, lamps, chargers and more. While cable management isn’t the most exciting activity, it is very important. A tangle of cables over your desk or your floor doesn’t just look messy – it can also be a safety hazard. To help you stay safe, try our easy-to-follow cable management tips, including how to hide cables and handy hints for good home cable management that keep cables tidy.

Avoid any dirt or grime building up on your cables by cleaning them regularly with a germ-killing spray, like Domestos.

The tricks of desk cable management

There are a few simple things you can do when it comes to ensuring good management of the cables on your desk:

  1. Buy a desk with a dedicated cable hole. This will keep them off of the surface.
  2. Use a box cable tidier. This keeps everything in one place.
  3. Use specially designed cord tubing. To hold multiple cables together for a more streamlined look.
  4. Hook cords to the back of your furniture. Then you can’t see them from the front.
  5. Put an extension cable in a draw then feed the leads into it. This essentially allows you to make yourself a dedicated charging drawer.

Desk cable management all depends on the type of desk and space you have to work with. Have a think and plan your solution before spending any money.

How to hide TV cables

What about those annoying cables that hang down from TVs when they are mounted on the wall or on a stand? Learn how to hide cables from the TV and other home electronics with these ideas:

  • Using cord covers attached to the wall under the TV. Check out those available at your local DIY store or look online.  
  • Using your TV’s storage. If you have a good quality TV stand there may be a dedicated space through which to run the cables which will make it look a lot tidier. 
  • Running the wires behind the wall. This is a slightly more involved process that requires what are called ‘recessed cable plates’. Get an expert in to help with this if you want to do it properly.

Those are our top cable management tips. Whether it’s a mounted TV or laptop cables on your desk, if you keep cables tidy not only will your home look neater, it’ll also be a lot safer. Have a go with some of these cable management ideas and you’ll really notice the difference.

Safety tip!

Never use an extension cable to put too many plugs into one socket as this can put too much strain on your electricity supply risking a blown fuse or even a fire.

Key steps

To manage all your different cables follow these key steps:

  1. Get yourself a box cable tidier to keep everything neat and tidy.
  2. Feed cables down the back of a specially designed desk.
  3. Consider getting professional help to run cables for mounted TVs through the wall. 

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