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Apartment cleaning tips

Apartments can be a lot smaller than houses but it doesn't mean they need less cleaning! Here's some handy tips on quick & easy apartment cleaning methods.


By Cleanipedia Team

apartment storage for a tidy room

Key steps

  1. To stay on top of cleaning your apartment, keep a cleaning schedule and stick to it.
  2. Invest in some clever storage solutions to prevent your apartment from feeling cluttered – shelves can make a huge difference to most spaces.
  3. Small storage containers will quickly make your bathroom and kitchen feel tidier. 

Asking a friend for cleaning tips is great – it’s good to share advice and to find out what works and what doesn’t; but if you live in an apartment, and your friends live in houses, you may find that some of their advice doesn’t necessarily relate to your living situation. The truth is that cleaning an apartment is very different to cleaning a house, yet there’s very little advice out there designed specifically for apartment owners. If you’ve ever sat and wondered ‘How do I clean my apartment?’ then here are some good tips to get you started:

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Make an apartment cleaning schedule

A common mistake many apartment dwellers make is to assume that because apartments are typically smaller than houses, they’re easier to clean. Actually, it’s sort of the other way around. It’s because apartments are smaller that they’re a little trickier, and require a bit of additional planning. Smaller spaces mean that apartments can begin to look cluttered quite easily, even when there are only a few things out of place. A great piece of advice is to keep a cleaning schedule and stick to it – this way you’ll never fall behind. A cleaning schedule for an apartment could look something like this:


Spend five minutes putting away anything that’s out of place. Today, focus on your floors – your carpets, your hardwood flooring, and your kitchen tile or linoleum. Floor clutter is a nightmare in apartments, so it’s always good to start off the week by getting them completely cleared and clean. Vacuum carpets and rugs, and use Cif Direct to Floor cleaner in the kitchen.


Spend five minutes putting away anything that’s out of place. Today, focus on the bathroom. The problem with apartment bathrooms is that they’re quite small, and so tend to steam up very quickly after a hot bath or shower. This could encourage mould to grow. Open the windows to let some air flow through, and wipe surfaces with a good multi-purpose surface cleaner. Once again, Cif has a range of options for different surfaces, but Domestos bleach spray is a great choice if you need to tackle mildew. Just follow the directions on the label and test any product on a small area first.


Spend five minutes putting away anything that’s out of place. Today, focus on the bedrooms. Change the bedding, vacuum the floors, use a duster to remove any cobwebs, and make sure everything is in its place – clutter is the main issue with apartment bedrooms. It’s hard to create a relaxing environment with piles of clothes and books all over the place.


Spend five minutes putting away anything that’s out of place. Today, focus on the small, fiddly bits that don’t really fall under any other category. In an apartment, this is likely to include wiping down storage units and shelving, cleaning the dust out of any fans you use to keep yourself cool, and taking your bin bags down to the communal waste area.


Spend five minutes putting away anything that’s out of place. Today, focus on the kitchen. Now that the weekend is here, you may find yourself spending more time in the kitchen as you relax and unwind by cooking up some delicious meals. Wipe down worktops and shelving units, and throw out anything in your fridge that’s past its use-by date.


Spend five minutes putting away anything that’s out of place. Today, focus on your laundry, and washing your work clothes ready for next week. Doing your laundry on Saturday means you have the time to wash, dry, and put clothes away in quick succession, which is vital for apartment owners. As you’ll know, there’s nothing quite as bad as having clothes rails taking up all your available space.


On Sunday, take a complete day off from everything. Cleaning that soapy shower screen can wait a while, and the kitchen floor can wait a few more days before being swept. If you overdo it, you’ll soon start to resent cleaning, and will begin to slack off. Always give yourself a well-earned rest. You’ll feel refreshed and raring to go by Monday morning.

You can, of course, adjust this schedule as necessary to suit you and your apartment, but this should give you a good idea of how to split up your workload to make it more manageable across the week.

Storage & apartment cleaning tips

As you may have noticed, it’s recommended that apartment owners spend time each day putting away any items and objects that are out of place. However, a big problem is that not many apartments are large enough for us to be able to give everything its own home. There are often many things we have accepted just live on the floor now. Don’t give up: there are loads of clever storage solutions out there which can help to make our apartments look cleaner and fresher, and reduce the amount of clutter in the home.

  • Shelves, shelves, shelves. Shelves cannot be emphasised enough. The issue with apartments is limited floor space, but there’s a whole load of empty space on the walls that most of us just don’t utilise. You’ll see a massive difference in the level of clutter when you install shelves throughout your home, whether they’re in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom.
  • Sometimes, it’s not possible to put everything on the wall, but that doesn’t mean that the items left on the floor need to be strewn about all higgledy piggledy. Wicker baskets and other decorative containers can add a touch of personality and character to your room, while hiding a multitude of sins.
  • In your kitchen and bathroom, add small storage containers to the inside of cupboard doors. These can hold your cleaning products, your spare loo rolls, or even a small bin bag for collecting rubbish. They’re kept out of the way, and yet there’s easy access as and when you need it.
  • In your bathroom, place a shower caddy in the corner of your shower cubicle or above the bathtub. This takes care of any toiletries you might otherwise store in cupboards, leaving them free for other things. It’s always a good idea to keep toiletries in the shower area, as they’re often damp and can encourage the spread of mould if kept in enclosed cupboards or drawers.

There you have it: a clean, clutter free apartment, in return for just a little graft and planning. For more tips on how you can make the most of small spaces, read our guide.

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