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Try these brilliant kitchen cupboard storage ideas (using stuff you already own)

Need clever storage ideas for small kitchens? Want a solution to cluttered kitchen cupboards? We’ve rounded up 23 of our favourites.


By Cleanipedia Team

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Fed up of playing kitchen jenga with jars of mint sauce, cans of baked beans and packets of biscuits? Want to be able to open a door without risking a food avalanche? Our kitchen cupboard storage solutions might just be the answer...

1. Stick a clothes peg to the inside of a cupboard door to clip your washing up gloves onto. Other pegs can be used to keep sauce packets tidy.

2. One of our favourite kitchen storage hacks involves magazine files. You can stand spaghetti, tin foil and cling film in them. And the extra wide ones can be used to store tin cans. Don’t have a spare magazine file? Find out how to make one using a cereal box.

3. Hang a dowelling rod or bamboo cane onto a couple of hooks to keep your roll of bin bags neat and tidy.

4. Do you have a drawer of doom (or even a cupboard of doom) filled with random stuff? A paperclip here, a rubber band there, a key that doesn’t seem to fit any lock in the house... Reuse glass jars to keep all those bits and bobs neat and tidy. Jam jars are usually small enough to fit into a drawer (just label the top of each jar with its contents). Check out our other top tips for reusing a glass jar.


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5. One of our favourite clever storage ideas for small kitchens is to fix pairs of plastic hooks to the inside of cupboard doors at an angle. They’ll keep your pan lids from cluttering up the cupboard.

6. Do you have some small coat hangers with clips on? If you attach a rod to the inside of a cupboard, you can use the hangers to keep sauce and spice packets neat and tidy.

7. One of the cleverest kitchen storage ideas we’ve heard is to keep your kitchen cleaning products in an over-door organiser. It’ll free up storage space and you won’t have to get down on your knees to root at the back of a cupboard every time you need to find the Domestos.

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8. Fix hooks underneath wall cupboards to hang up mugs or utensils.

9. Want a clever storage idea for a small kitchen? Stick a magnet to the bottom of spice tins and you can store them on the side of your fridge.

10. A toilet roll holder attached to the inside of a kitchen cupboard door keeps your roll of sandwich bags neat and within easy reach.

11. Spray bottles can be hung from a rail inside a cupboard, giving you extra shelf space (now that’s a genius kitchen cupboard storage solution if ever we’ve heard one).

12. Stick the lids of glass jars to the base of a wall cupboard and just unscrew the jar when you need it.

13. Ordered a box of wine recently? Cut the cardboard inner down to make a DIY drawer organiser.

14. Upgrading some of your furniture? Move that old bookcase into your kitchen to store Kilner jars of pasta and rice. An old chest of drawers is ideal for storing cans, Tupperware and packets. And a vintage flip down desk could give you kitchen storage as well as extra work space when you need it.

15. Pop a few tension rods vertically in a kitchen cupboard to keep baking trays and chopping boards stood up.

16. Some of the best kitchen storage solutions are the simplest ones. Those mesh bags your oranges might have come in are ideal for storing potatoes, onions and other veg, and you can hang them up to save cupboard space.

17. Repurpose a shoe organiser with flip down compartments into a storage solution for condiments.

18. Need a kitchen storage hack for keeping plastic bags tidy? Roll them up and pop them into an empty tissue box. Then just pull one out at a time when you need it.

19. Vases and jugs often only get used every few months or so (if we’re lucky). When they’re not holding flowers or lashings of cream, they can be put to work keeping utensils tidy.

20. Have a wire CD rack but moved your music collection to digital? Turn it onto its side and slot Tupperware lids into it.

21. Fill a heavy glass jar with barbeque skewers (non-pointy side up) to create a homemade knife block. The skewers will keep the knives upright and safely in place.

22. Like buying in bulk? Take the top off an empty large tin with a can-opener to create a sturdy kitchen storage jar.

23. Family sized tins of chocolates are handy for storing cookie cutters, piping bags and other odds and ends, and can be stacked one on top of the other (if you don’t have an empty tin, you now have an excuse to treat yourself).

That’s the kitchen sorted, now it’s time to organise the rest of the house...

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