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Small space? You'll love these clever storage ideas

Explore these smart and savvy ways to squeeze a little more storage into every room in your home.


By Cleanipedia Team

bookshelf with decorative objects

City living can sometimes mean being short of space at home. Byt that doesn’t have to mean that you’re destined for a life filled with clutter. We’ve put together some handy small space storage tips for making the most of cosy abodes.

Get creative with your shelving

Floating shelves are a popular way to make the most of your wall space – but they’re not the only clever storage ideas for small houses. Have you thought about shelving along the top of the wall, near the ceiling? You could even cover the entire perimeter. Pop trinkets and small plants up there to draw the eye skywards and really make the most of your whole wall space.

Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. If you’re a cyclist and don’t have storage space outside, a wall-mounted bike rack is a stylish and practical way to store (and show off) your cherished bike.

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Make the most of every room

Don’t be locked into the mindset of keeping your things in the ‘right’ room. For example, barely-used kitchen pots and pans can sit quite happily in a large living room cupboard. Your priority should be making use of the space available to you all over the home, so if you’ve got a few extra cupboards in a spare room, don’t be afraid to use them to store things like best kitchen crockery or old paperwork from your home office.

Consider the potential of your corridors

If you’re looking for storage ideas for small spaces on a budget and there’s potential for storage in your corridors, go for it. For example, you could install built-in wardrobes just outside your bedroom to free up space inside.

Beneath the bed and beyond

The bed is a notorious space thief, but it needn’t be. As well as storing items under the bed or in under-bed drawers, think about using space behind the bed as well. Leaving a small gap could create a hanging space for clothes, or you could look at buying a headboard that incorporates shelving at either end as well as a flat top for your bedside reading and lamps (freeing up your usual bedside table space).

Maximise those alcove spaces

Alcoves are usually used for wardrobes, a TV unit or bookshelves – but sometimes there’s still the odd one that’s left unused, particularly if it’s an awkward shape.

You could get bespoke shelving or units to fit the space exactly and make the most of every available nook and cranny, or simply try adding floating shelves. (Top tip: even if you’re DIY-ing it and installing shelving yourself, you can still get it cut to size for that bespoke look on a budget. Just be sure to take accurate measurements!)

If you have a small nook in your bathroom, you could use it for stashing loo roll and cleaning essentials. If you’re little nook is in the hallway, it could be a good spot for a coat rack or an artful pile of books.

Explore new ways to store your shoes

After a long day, it can be tempting to leave your shoes right where you kicked them off or add them to a space-hoarding pile in the hallway.

The good news is that shoe storage has come a long way. Whether it’s heels, runners or pretty ballet flats, all have become easier to store thanks to some clever vertical storage designs. As well as the traditional shoe rack on the floor, you could look at shoe shelving units for under the stairs or handy slender fold-out shoe cabinets. If shelves will take up too much space, consider hanging shoes on pegs on the inside of an under-stairs door.

Need more inspiration for your small space? Take a look at our tips on book storage, making the most of your loft and tray organisation for more ideas.

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