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Creative small bathroom storage ideas you'll love

Here’s how you can make even the littlest loo cool, functional and relaxing.


By Cleanipedia Team

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Have a bathroom that could handily win the award for World’s Littlest Loo? Our mini-bathroom design ideas will help you find clever ways of storing your bathroom essentials.

Keep it open

To make your bathroom appear larger, open up the space as much as possible. For example, choose shelving that has a light and airy feel over dense and blocky cabinets. Double up on the spacious aura by going with glass shelves or by mounting wire baskets to the wall.

A pedestal or wall-hung sink exposes more of the floor area, which adds to the sense of space. Increase the open feel by not having a shower curtain or door, or perhaps by turning the whole bathroom into a wet room.

Splash out on some baskets


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If you’re really tight on space, think about investing in some bathroom storage baskets. Whether wire or wicker, they are wonderfully versatile. Fill them with rolled-up towels (think about combining different shades for added impact) or utilise as a home-for-anything, from toiletries to cleaning products to loo rolls.

Maximise the space you have

Sometimes the best bathroom storage ideas are the simplest. In this case, make sure you’re using all the wall space there is. For example, think about building up – take the shelves right up to the ceiling, or see whether you can put a ledge above the doorway (if so, this is another great spot for basket storage). A ladder is also very practical, used as a towel rack or (assuming it has flat steps) as a shelving unit for plants, candles or products.

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Stay organised

A lack of cabinets and drawers can make it tricky to keep all your bathroom essentials in order. Bring in jars, glasses and cups to store toothbrushes, razors, makeup brushes, tweezers, cotton buds and hairpins. Consider mounting the jars to the wall, which is a relatively straightforward task using a piece of wood and pipe or hose clamps. Use hooks wherever you can. Over-the-door hooks provide a landing place for your bathrobe; hooks can also be fixed to the sides of cabinets, which is a good spot for a mesh bag containing toiletries. To keep electronics like hairdryers and straighteners under control, hang a shower caddy or attach a wire storage basket to the inside of a cabinet door or back of the bathroom door.

Create a green oasis

Try out air plants in the bathroom – because they don’t require soil (they take nutrients from the air) you can grow them in globes or terrariums. These are much more versatile than traditional plant pots and take up less space. Hang them from them from walls, upside down from the ceiling or from anywhere you can put a hook. There are loads of DIY projects on the internet for creating hanging pots and holders made from terracotta, paper-mâché, nylon cord and lace. You will avoid taking up valuable surface space while at the same time giving your bathroom a relaxing ambience.

Now you’ve created lots of space, it’s time to turn your bathroom into a home spa

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