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You’ll love these brilliantly inventive ways to store your books

Bookworms at the ready: From colour-coded spines to over-door shelves, we've rounded up our favourite book storage ideas so you can keep those tomes tidy.


By Cleanipedia Team

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Kindles, shmindles. E-readers may be popular but there’s something cosy about turning the paper pages of a good book – and, even better, tucking it onto a beautifully-organised bookshelf afterwards. A busy bookshelf prompts memories of different times in your life and is a great conversation-starter with guests.

So why not be a bit more creative with those classic novels and prized paperbacks? We take a look at how to organise books so they’re literally part of the furniture.

Creative ways to store books: Using alternative space

Think about using space that you wouldn’t normally associate with storing books. You could make your hallway a walk-in library for extra cosiness when you arrive home: explore built-in shelving units or floating bookshelves if you’re short on room.

You can also get some great over-door storage racks, so why not use these for books? These are getting more popular so there are brilliant designs available for every room – for example, you could go for themed ones in kids’ bedrooms to make storytime that little bit more organised.

You could also make your child’s bed a treasure trove of all their favourite reads. Stack those beautiful children’s books under the bed so they’re both proudly on display and easy for little fingers to pick out. (For more great playroom ideas, check out our guide to toy storage and toy rotation.)

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Mix up your shelving

You don’t have to stick with standard bookcases for your handsome hardbacks. A wide variety of shelving solutions are now on the market so take a look at ones to suit your home. A leaning bookcase or floating shelf make great book storage ideas for small spaces.

Fancy getting a bit more creative? Use your imagination – an old ladder, copper pipes or even skateboards could be mounted onto the wall as makeshift shelves, showing off a bit of personality and could even be themed around your choice of books on display.

Best way to store books: Baskets, bookends and colour coding

Baskets and bookends are two stylish ways to ensure your beloved books stay upright. The criminally underused bookend can come with storage for other bits and bobs for your display, while rustic baskets can sit stylishly on any shelf or window sill and also help you organise your Pratchett from your Plath.  

Perhaps our favourite book storage idea of all, however, is to get colour coding. Book spines and covers come in a range of colours, so you can organise them into each shade to create a gorgeous spectrum. There’s something so aesthetically pleasing about a rainbow of colour on your shelves!

If that seems too drastic for your tastes, then you could try peppering books amongst your other display items. This really works with a bit of colour coordination and adds a touch of your bookish taste to your home without going overboard.

Inspired? Now you can light up your literature by turning your bleary bookshelves into a dazzling display.

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