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Decorating small spaces: How to comfortably host guests in a small space

This article covers small guest bedroom ideas, small guest bathroom ideas and other ways to maximum even the tiniest of spaces.


By Cleanipedia Team

small decor on wall for small space

Despite what estate agents say, a second bedroom in a small flat does not always leave you with enough room to swing a cat, never mind put in a full-sized bedroom suite for guests. However, there are lots of ways of making the most of the space you have available, from painting the walls in light, airy colours to opting for multi-purpose furniture. Here are our top small bedroom design ideas.

Keep small spaces clean and clutter free by furnishing sparsely, but wisely.

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Small guest bedroom ideas

If you’re looking for small guest room ideas, one of the best things to try is multi-purpose furniture. In a small space, every item has to really prove its worth and that’s usually by serving more than one purpose. Think tables that also provide storage, lamps that can light up multiple areas or seating that can also be slept on (futons and sofa beds being the heroes of small guest bedrooms).

When it comes to decorating small spaces, avoiding clutter is key. Even a few little trinkets or ornaments can make a space feel too full and leave your guest feeling overwhelmed. We all love having sentimental knick-knacks around the place, just avoid putting them in smaller rooms.

Very small guest bedroom ideas

  • If you’re dealing with a space that’s very small - maybe it doesn’t fit much more than a single bed – avoid trying to add in any other furniture. Make sure your guest has space elsewhere (e.g. the landing) to store their items instead.
  • Use mirrors to make the space feel bigger and opt for light, airy colours to avoid anything that feels too claustrophobic.
  • If you can, use a single daybed with under-bed storage for guests to store items. Either store guest bedding in there or store it with your other bedding if you don’t have space for it.
  • Put up wall shelves to add lighting and the odd decoration. You can also use a low wall shelf instead of a bedside cabinet.

Guest bed ideas

  • Strategic choices around the bed to be used in your guest room can make all the difference. If you can’t fit a sofa bed in the space, opt for a chair-bed: armchairs that can be pulled out into a single bed.
  • Alternatively, you could go for a sleeping space that fits up against the wall when not in use, but can be pulled down to function as a bed when required. These are all the rage in urban Japanese environments where square-feet come at a high premium.
  • A third option when it comes to guest bed ideas is a bunk bed. No longer just for children, you create more space underneath for a desk or sofa by raising a bed up high.

There are lots of great small bedroom design ideas that can make even the tiniest of spaces functional and pleasant. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to entertain friends and family in even the most limited of spaces.

Small guest bathroom ideas

  • If you’re looking for small guest room ideas, it’s quite possible you’re also looking for small guest bathroom ideas. The two tend to go hand in hand. Never fear, it’s easy to save space in washrooms when you know how. The best thing to do is to make your bathroom into a ‘wet room’ – i.e. dispense of shower rails, doors or curtains and tile all the walls so that the whole place is OK to get wet.
  • The strategic use of a humidity-loving plant can add real homeliness and class to a smaller bathroom.
  • Be sure to install an automatic fan (one that comes on with the light) if you don’t have a window in your bathroom as this will help to prevent damp.

Key steps

If you’re looking for small bedroom design ideas, follow these simple steps:

  1. Plan your available space carefully. With a small space you have to be very strategic in your decorating choices.
  2. Choose furniture that creates storage as well as having an immediate function.
  3. Opt for light, bright colours to help the room feel more spacious.

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