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Eight spice rack ideas: how to store spices

Read on to discover how to make a spice rack that will help organise your space efficiently!


By Cleanipedia Team

How to store spices: wooden spoons displaying herbs and spices
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Key steps

  • Always keep spices most used at the front for easy access.

  • Upcycle old jars to keep your spices organised.

  • Create a magnetic DIY spice rack using small magnets to attach to your fridge, or a sheet of magnetic material.

  • Use hooks and loops to hang your spices inside a cupboard door.

Knowing how to store spices is sometimes surprisingly difficult. Spices can be hard to access in your cupboard and they always seem to take up a surprising amount of space. So, why not try out some of our creative new spice storage ideas? From creating a space-saving magnetic spice rack to using a lazy Susan for maximum accessibility, this article will offer handy DIY spice rack ideas to save cupboard space and streamline your cooking!

Use good quality products like Cif Power & Shine kitchen spray to make sure the DIY spice rack and surrounding areas are clean and tidy for your newly organised spices.

Eight quick and easy spice storage ideas and hacks

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Looking for spice rack ideas to keep your space organised? Read on for eight easy ways to organise your spices, from how to make a spice rack to what you could store your spices in.

1.     Use old glass jars to store them.

Herbs and spices come in a fun range of colours. Using glass jars not only allows you to see what they are, but also looks a lot more interesting than mismatched labels and plastic packets.

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Interested in other things you can do with your old jars? Find jam jar inspiration here.

2.     Store key spices at the front.

If there are a few seasonings and spices that you use much more often than others (for example, salt and coriander), keep those stored near the front for speedy access.

3.     Create a magnetic DIY spice rack.

These DIY spice rack ideas are super easy to put into action. You will need:

  • A sheet of magnetic material

  • An old frame

  • Screws or picture hooks

  • Small magnets

  • Glue

Once you have all your supplies, you have a choice of two methods of how to make a spice rack with your magnetic material:

Spice rack 1: Place the magnetic sheet inside the old frame. Use the picture hooks to hang the frame on your kitchen wall.

Spice rack 2: Alternatively, use some screws to attach the sheet of magnetic material to the inside of a cupboard door.

Glue the small magnets to the back of each spice jar. Now all you need to do is display them on your new magnetic frame or cupboard door spice rack.

4.     Use the same spice storage idea as above, but why not stick them on your fridge?

Adding small magnets to the back of each spice container will mean they can be attached to the fridge. This is a great way to keep your most-used spices close to hand.

5.     Use an old wooden box and test tubes.

Repurposed glass test tubes are one of the most playful spice rack ideas, and also really practical! Simply label the cork stopper in each tube and store them in an old wooden box.

6.     Go old-school with a retro fizzy drink display shelf.

Repurposing the kind of square shelving that used to be used to hold fizzy drink cans is a great way to display your spices. Use old jam jars as spice containers and label either the bottom of the jar or the individual storage spot on the shelf itself to keep your herbs and spices organised.

7.     Attach hooks to the inside of a cupboard door.

Simply screw some small hooks on the inside of a cupboard door and attach string, twine or even ribbon in a loop to your spice jar. Once it’s attached securely, hang the loop on the hooks to display your spice jars.

8.     Use a turntable.

This is great for those needing to save space. Pick up a small lazy susan or turntable from a homeware shop that will fit inside your kitchen cabinet or on a shelf in a homeware shop. This will allow you to access all your spices while keeping them in one spot – simply turn the stand to see what’s there. No more rooting around!

With these eight quick, easy and budget friendly DIY spice rack ideas you now have all the information you need for how to store spices cleverly and efficiently. And why stop there? Take a look at our full guide to kitchen organisation to get all of your cupboards and drawers in tip-top working order.

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