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Famous cleaning gurus to inspire you

Who is Mrs Hinch and who is Marie Kondo? Here’s everything you need to know about these cleaning gurus.


By Cleanipedia Team

Marie Kondo folding method for clothes

People love to feast their eyes on the soothing, satisfying power of cleaning shows and blogs, but that’s not the only appeal they offer. Like any celebrity inspiration figures, TV-famous cleaners like Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch manage to turn our necessary housekeeping chores from drudgery into activities that are almost glamorous. But who is Mrs Hinch, who is Marie Kondo, and what help can they really provide?

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Why follow a cleaning guru?

You might not think that thousands of people would want to look at photos of other people’s sparkling houses every day, but that’s exactly what they do. And there are some good reasons too. Following famous cleaners on Instagram or watching their TV shows both motivates you to clean your own house and provides you with the tips and tricks to do so really well. It’s also fun to be part of a community of other like-minded people who can share their own ideas and experiences.

Who is Mrs Hinch?

So which cleaning gurus are actually worth following? If you’ve heard of any famous cleaning celebrity it’s probably Mrs Hinch. Also known as Sophie Hinchliffe, Mrs Hinch is from Essex and spends her day getting her house super clean. With over 2.4 million social media followers, she is not alone. Many people like to watch her work and get new ideas, adopting the term “Hinching” to describe her style of cleaning. Mrs. Hinch demonstrates which products she uses and answers cleaning related questions from her followers.

Who is Marie Kondo?

The other big house-proud star of the moment is Marie Kondo. Populariser of the KonMari method, this Japanese celebrity is all about decluttering your home. Now with her own TV series, there are millions of people that have got rid of their old stuff and started living minimalist lives as a result. The KonMari method asks people to consider each of their possessions in turn and ask whether it brings them joy. If the answer is no, out it goes. The idea is to have less, but value it more.

While Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo may be the famous cleaners of the moment, don’t stop there. If you’re looking for social media inspiration for a sparkling clean home, there are many others posting pictures of their dirt-free homes. Search online and join a cleaning community, but make sure to get involved. Once you’ve had a good look at other people’s cleaning routines, don’t forget to do your own!

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