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Filter the air naturally: The best air-purifying house plants

This article provides a handy list of indoor plants that clean the air along with some useful tips on house plant care.


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Did you know that there are lots of houseplants that clean the air? All plants help raise oxygen levels in the environment, but some are better at this than others. So what are the best air-purifying plants? This can get complicated as it depends on a number of factors including the kind of toxins you want to get rid of and where in the house you want to purify. To keep the atmosphere in your house pure and clean whatever is going on outside, here is a list of the best indoor plants for clean air.

Different plants work best in different areas of the house so match your greenery to the location for best results.


Domestos kills all known germs & viruses dead

The 4 best air cleaning plants

  1. Spider plants: spider plants are among the best air-cleaning plants. They rid the air of carbon monoxide and tackle the toxins that come from rubber. They’re not toxic to animals so are safe to have in a pet-filled home. Best place to put a spider plant: living room.
  2. English ivy: English ivy is another of our favourite indoor plants that clean the air particularly as they’re good at getting rid of nasty faecal particles. They’re also excellent at getting rid of mould. Best place to put English ivy: bathroom.
  3. Chrysanthemums: chrysanthemums have an amazing ability to help eradicate common toxins that come from plastics and glue. They’re also very pretty plants so will look great around the house, too. Best place to put it: kitchen / dedicated craft spaces.
  4. Snake plants (AKA Mother-in-Law’s Tongue): these clever little plants are one of the best air-purifying plants for having around at night. That’s because it’s during this period that they produce lots of oxygen. They also filter the air for a range of other droplets. Best place to put snake plants: bedroom.

General tips on plant care

  • Don’t over-water your plants. This is the number one cause of death among air-purifying plants. Rather than just giving them a drink, check the soil for how moist it is first.
  • Get lots of light. Whether air-purifying house plants or any other kind of greenery, plants love light so make sure to give them a home where they’ll be able to bask in the sun’s lovely rays.
  • Try to keep air-purifying indoor plants in one place, rather than moving them around all the time. Air-purifying house plants get settled quickly and don’t react too well to being shifted about all the time. Give them a home and leave them to it.

Once you know the basics of plant care and have chosen the right plant(s) for your home, you’ll be able to start enjoying the purified and oxygenated air they bring. Be sure to treat them with TLC and they’ll help keep your home fresh long-term.

Key steps

To purify your air using plants, follow these key steps:

  • Research which plant would work best for where you want to put it.
  • Make sure your plants have plenty of light.
  • Check your plants regularly to avoid infections, bugs, over- or under-watering.

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