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Guest bedroom ideas: setting up a comfortable and functional spare room

Read on for spare room design ideas for a comfortable guest room that’s also a storage space.


By Cleanipedia Team

Single bed with bright bedding

Got a spare room mostly used for storage? How about turning it into a guest bedroom with clever storage solutions instead? To make the most of a free room in your house, you can use it both for keeping your extra stuff and for hosting guests now and then. To work out how to make a guest room comfortable while also fulfilling your storage needs, here are our best guest room ideas that focus on both function and style.

Balance storage and decoration by investing in furniture which will help you do both.

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How to make a guest room comfortable while also providing storage for you

There are lots of different guest bedroom ideas that allow you to provide people staying over with a comfortable night’s sleep without compromising on your storage.  Our favourite spare room design ideas include:

1. Using furniture that will work for both your guest and you

The best spare bedroom ideas when it comes to furniture are those that provide hidden storage. Think beds with big draws underneath, cupboards with hidden depths or a nightstand with lots of drawers. If your guests are only staying a few nights they’re not going to need the majority of this space so use it for keeping your belongings long-term. Just be sure to save a bit of wardrobe space and a few drawers free for those staying in the room to use.

2. Making sure your storage is attractive as well as useful

We can all chuck our stuff into the least used room of the house, but the trick to not making your guest bedroom styling look like something from a storage warehouse is to give thought to the storage items you choose. There doesn’t need to be a divide between style and function: storage boxes, for example, can be a design feature if you chose interesting styles or materials. Likewise, if you need to store out-of-season clothes or shoes, opt for a well-designed rack or hanger that’s in-keeping with the room’s broader design.

3. Keeping anything on display in line with the room’s overall design

Speaking of design, when it comes to guest room ideas, be sure to keep everything coherent. If you want the room to display your antique spoon collection, that’s great – just theme other furnishings around that. Think vintage furniture and dark wood. Or, if you want to put your exercise equipment in there, have a look at your standing bike and see if it sparks some spare room ideas for colour or design.

The devil is in the detail: Spare room ideas that add a splash of style

  1. In darker spaces be sure to add extra colour with an interesting pillow or throw.
  2. Provide creature comforts for your guest in stylish forms – for example, a rustic basket full of useful toiletries.
  3. Add personalised touches depending on your guest. Place a magazine they enjoy on the nightstand or provide a mug in their favourite colour.

There are lots of ways to use any spare space you have for both storage and to host friends and relatives. A bit of strategic thinking and choice purchases will help put the space to dual use.

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