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Home office ideas on a budget: how to set up the perfect work space at home

How to create a work space at home, including useful office storage ideas, even on a tight budget.


By Cleanipedia Team

simple office space on a budget

Whether you're working from home permanently or a few times a week, you need a clean and organised place where you can get away from household chores and really focus your mind. Read our handy guide on creating a productivity-inducing workspace including home office storage ideas and even some good home office ideas on a budget.

Finding ways to separate your work space from the rest of your home will help you mentally partition the two.

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Creating a great workspace at home: office organisation ideas

Have you been lucky enough to land a job that you can do with no commute, while wearing your pyjamas? Working from home saves both time and finances and it’s often a calmer atmosphere than an office. The trick to maintaining the productivity you gain from being in a professional environment is to try and recreate it at home. Good home office ideas include having a designated work space and being strict with yourself about not trying to do anything elsewhere (no taking your laptop to bed!).

It’s also worthwhile thinking about office storage solutions for managing your work things, from the technology you use to stationery and paperwork. Try to find home office storage ideas that work specifically for your line of work. These might include setting yourself up an ‘in’ and ‘out’ tray or investing in a filing cabinet that can be added to as required.

For those on a budget: Desks, shelves and other home office furniture doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be practical. Look online for people re-selling items and you’ll find a vast array of pre-loved items that can be repurposed for your home office. Office organisation can be maintained with simple plastic boxes: just label them clearly and stick to your system. Buying things in bulk can also help keep prices low, so shop at outlet stores or wholesalers which offer office storage solutions at minimal costs.

Working in a home office: ideas to help you focus

When you’re in your own space it can sometimes be difficult to shut out what’s going on in the rest of your life when you need to work, so here are some home office ideas for getting that focus:

  • Stick to a tight schedule. Over time you’ll get naturally into work-mode at certain points of the day/week.
  • Try to have some physical barrier between you and the rest of the house. Even if your workspace isn’t a whole room, curtains, partitions or even a big plant can help give you that sense of separation.
  • If you find yourself ruminating on non-work problems, write down a list of worries before you start. This will get them out of your head and give you the reassurance that you won’t forget anything that needs to be dealt with later.

Working from home can be great – it’s easier and nicer in lots of way. The trick to making it work is creating a clear separation between your professional and home life. Get inspired by our tips and office organisation ideas, and create a calm environment that helps you be productive and focussed at home.

Key steps

  1. Make sure you have a designated work desk that isn’t used for anything else.
  2. Shut out the rest of the house as much as you can, whether that’s by being in a separate room or using curtains or a partition.
  3. Set up systems to help you manage the paperwork you’ll need.

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