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My house smells: 3 low-effort ways to freshen up your home

Need to know how to get a smell out of your house? Follow our low-effort tips and learning how to freshen your home from top to bottom.


By Cleanipedia Team

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Key steps

  1. To learn how to deodorise a room, identify what’s causing the smell and tackle it at its source. For example, make sure bins are regularly emptied to get rid of bad smells in your house, clean areas with Surf disinfectant.

  2. When it comes to knowing how to freshen any room, areas of mould and mildew are prime places to start.

  3. Small changes, like regularly opening your windows, can dramatically freshen up your home.

Have you ever returned home from holiday to find your living room has a stale odour? What about coming home and finding a nasty pong coming from the kitchen? There are many situations like these that can cause you to think my house smells, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a few simple tips, and some regular cleaning, you can get rid of bad smells in the house and learn how to deodorise a room.

Follow our advice and learn how to freshen any room in the home.

Wash your soft furnishings, household linens, bedding, and towels with Surf detergents infused with essential oils to instantly lift the fragrance of your home.

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How to get a smell out of your house?

If you are prone to thinking ‘my house smells’ then chances are you’ve already tried a few techniques to make your home more fragrant. Air fresheners might be your first port of call, but these products only cover bad odours – they don’t get rid of them.

To learn how to deodorise your house you need to identify the cause of bad smells and tackle them at the source.

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My house smells: Common causes

Unpleasant smells in the home can have many different sources. Musty or damp odours, for example, are often caused by mould or mildew. This can form on clothes, walls, windows and floors. If you want to know how to freshen a room then cleaning mould is an obvious place to start.

Another common cause of bad smells is overloaded bins. This can occur in any room, but the kitchen is a big offender. Make sure you empty your bins regularly to get rid of bad smells in your house and consider using scented bin liners and washing your bins with a little disinfectant each week.

How to get a smell out of your house: 3 top tips

As well as tackling specific bad odours in your home, it’s also important that you introduce pleasant fragrances. To learn how to freshen your house from top to bottom, these three tips can help:

1. Air rooms regularly

Musty or stale odours can be made worse by poor air circulation. Ventilate your rooms regularly to prevent this from happening by drawing the curtains and opening the windows. You can do this each morning while you get ready – just remember to remove any breakables from windowsills and always lock your windows up again before leaving the house.

2. Stay on top of your dusting

Dust is made up of anything from plant pollen and animal hairs to textile fibres, minerals, and human skin cells so it’s important you clear it up regularly. Stopping dust from accumulating will not only keep your surfaces clean and bright, it’ll also make your home feel fresher.

3. Change your linens

To do more than just remove bad smells from your home, remember to regularly wash your linens and soft furnishings. Problem areas to focus on include tablecloths, dishtowels and cushion covers – check the care labels and wash with your favourite detergent, such as Surf.

With these tips, making your home feel fragrant and fresh couldn’t be easier – leaving you to cry ‘my house smells’ no more!

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