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How to clean your house, fast!

We don't always have time for a deep clean of the house! So this guide supplies you with quick tips on how to make sure your room and home are clean in no time!


By Cleanipedia Team

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Key Steps:

  • Concentrate on the most visible mess, like what’s on tables & surfaces.
  • Make use of storage space in order to hide clutter quickly.
  • Don’t forget to scan the whole house – you never know where guests will see!

Quick! Your friends or family are coming over in an hour, and your place is a tip! Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to clean your room fast or even your entire house! Just follow the instructions below.

Musty smells can make a house feel dirtier than it is. For an instant burst of freshness, spray your surfaces with a product that has a zingy scent, such as Cif Cream Lemon – remember to follow the instructions carefully.

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

Cleaning Your House Fast – A 10-Step Guide

Open the windows and air the room. The first thing you should do is get some fresh air circulating in your house – psychologically, this will make it feel cleaner to your guests when they arrive!

Make the beds. Many a mother has told their children that ‘an untidy bed represents an untidy mind’! Make sure beds are made up even if your guests are unlikely to enter bedrooms. It’ll help you feel on top of the housework, even if you’re not!

Tidy away all the washing, dirty or otherwise. If you have clothes on a drying rack in your kitchen or lounge, store them somewhere else while your guests are around. Dirty washing can also make your room look very messy if left lying on the floor, so put all dirty garments and items in the washing basket and firmly close the lid! Put away clean clothes. If worse comes to worse, stuff them into the bottom of your wardrobe or in bags under your bed.

Deal with the dishes! At the very least, you should collect all the empty mugs and dishes from around the house and stack them next to the sink. Even better, put them into the dishwasher as this will hide them from view and prevent any food smells from wafting under your guest’s noses.

Box or bag up clutter. You’re hardly going to have time to sort everything out and put back in the right place if your guests are arriving in an hour, so box or bag up any junk that has piled up on the living floor, on tables, or beside beds and hide it in cupboards or behind furniture until you have time to go through it all after they’ve left.

Wipe clean any exposed surfaces. Use a wet cloth to run over the surfaces in your house – particularly in the kitchen and on any tables that guests might use. Forget about dusting shelves or in bedrooms that guests are unlikely to see.

Hide any obvious stains. Ideally, treat any upholstery or carpet stains with a specific stain removal cleaner. If you don’t have time, drape or move objects over the top of unsightly stains and hope they don’t get noticed by your guests.

Clean the toilet. No guest wants to be confronted with a stinky or stained loo. It’s easy to use Domestos Thick Bleach to clean your toilet, and you can also use Cif Bathroom Wipes to quickly wipe down other surfaces. Just read the directions on the label and test any product in a small area first.

Empty the rubbish bins. Overflowing bins are definitely a no-no! Do this just before your guests arrive.

Vacuum the floors. Make sure your guests don’t find your carpet’s crunchy underfoot! This should be the very last task on your list. Be sure to get up all the crumbs and dust dislodged by your quick tidy-up.

There you have it – easy ways to clean your house fast!

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