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How to fix a squeaky door hinge

Get rid of that squaky noise your door is making with our easy guide full of tips and tricks.


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By Cleanipedia Team

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Key steps

There are a number of ways to stop a squeaky door hinge, including:

  • Adjusting hinges to realign them

  • Spraying the hinge with WD-40

  • Rubbing butter on the hinge pin

  • Pouring or rubbing a small amount of cooking oil inside and over the hinge

  • Replacing the hinge

There are lots of different methods for stopping doors from squeaking and creaking as you open them. In this simple guide to how to stop a door from squeaking, we’ll outline a few tricks for quietening a squeaky hinge. Are your floorboards creaking, too? Take a look at our guide to dealing with those annoying creaks when you walk around your house.

Sometimes, the quickest and easiest way to fix a squeaky hinge is to clean away old grease and grime using good quality all-purpose cleaner such as Cif.

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How to fix a squeaky door: A simple guide to say goodbye to that annoying creaking door

Have you got a creaking door that is driving you mad? A few easy hacks could help you fix this irritating problem:

  1. Try rubbing them with olive oil. Actually, most oils are good at relieving the squeak. Simply pop it into and over the hinge to grease the joints, and say goodbye to the noise that's driving you mad.

  2. Try re-adjusting the hinges. Sometimes, you might need to re-adjust the hinges. The squeak could be caused by a slight misalignment, and adjusting them back into place could fix the issue.

  3. Try spraying with WD-40. Using WD-40 to grease the joints of your hinge could allow them to open and close without squeaking. Use the smart straw attachment if possible (to get a more precise application) and carefully spray the hinge with WD-40 until the whole thing is coated.

  4. Try using butter. In the same way oil and WD-40 grease the hinge to allow it to move without squeaking, rubbing butter onto the hinge pin will have the same effect and could stop the squeak.

  5. Try replacing the hinge. If you are still dealing with squeaky hinges, or the squeak comes back really quickly, the hinge might simply need replacing.

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It might not just be the squeaking and creaking that is annoying you! If your cupboard doors won’t close properly, adjust them with help from our guide.

Now you know how to stop a door from squeaking, you can breeze around your home in blissful peace.

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