The struggle is real: how to get motivated to clean

Here we’ll share tips for how to clean your room, kitchen, bathroom and keep on top of your chores.


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Let’s be honest, we all lack cleaning motivation sometimes, as it is one of our least favourite chores. It does, however, need to be done regularly. We've put together a list of ways to get motivation to clean house and get you through it more easily than you'd imagine. Here we’ll share tips for how to clean your room, kitchen, bathroom and more, keeping on top of your chores each day.

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How to get motivated to clean

Getting motivation to clean room after room in your home may seem like an impossible task, but these simple steps will help you understand how to get motivated to clean when overwhelmed by mess:

  • Start small. Rather than focusing on how much there is to do in a whole room, start on a single surface, and work your way around. If you have a particular spot, whether a table, drawer or other place that is a so-called, ‘dumping ground’ begin there.
  • Focus your efforts on one area at a time. Once you have de-cluttered that single spot, don’t more on. Dust it, clean it and treat any scratches or marks that need doing. Reclaim your home from the mess a single surface at a time.
  • Do a little each day. Rather than spending dawn until dusk deep cleaning your home, work on your one area for a few hours each day until it is complete.
  • Expand the area. Once you have completed that one, small area, you can move on to the next. Step by step you will be able to full complete the tidying, cleaning and sorting of a whole room before you know it.
  • Clean the bathroom after every use. Maintaining the cleaning is the best way to ensure you reduce your workload.
  • Create a chore chart. Write down what tidying, cleaning and other chores need to be done each day. From making your bed in the morning to changing the linen once a week there are plenty of ways to ensure you are keeping on top of your house cleaning.
  • Once you have discovered how to get motivated to clean house maintain it. After you have completed one small are at a time it is important to keep on top of the tidying and cleaning of those areas. This will mean that it takes you less time to clean each week.

Now you have our top tips for how to motivate yourself to clean, kitchen, bathroom and more, you can be sure to keep on top of your daily house chores. These top tips should give you motivation to clean house even when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Key Steps

  • If you’re lacking motivation to clean room after room, rewarding yourself at each stage. Stop to have breaks, a cuppa and be proud of your achievements.
  • Work on one small area at a time.
  • Maintain the cleaning every week using a chore chart to ensure it takes less time.

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