How to hang pictures without nails

Read on to discover how to hang pictures without nails with products which can be easily removed.


Decorated kids playroom with hanging pictures without nails

We all love to have photos, pictures and more in our home. However, if you're living in a rented property, it’s probably not a good idea to start drilling nails into the wall. In this article we’ll explore ways to hang pictures without nails which can be easily removed when you move away from the property.

Try using a pressure rail to hang pictures without nails. You can put this between walls and hang hooks on it to hold your pictures.

Top ways to hang pictures without nails

Adding pictures, canvases and frames to walls can be a great way to not only brighten up a room but also add a personal touch to your home. Here are our top tips for hanging pictures on wall surfaces without causing damage.

  1. Use specialised adhesive hooks. There are a number of manufacturers with products available in shops all over the high street which will stick to your walls without causing damage. Make sure you check the recommended weight limit before hanging up your favourite frame or canvas though!
  2. Try decorative tape. Although this will not hold up frames, why not try sticking photos and children’s artwork directly to the wall with decorative tape? This also adds an additional colourful finishing touch to the picture you’re putting up.
  3. Use reusable pressure putty such as blu tack. Remember putting up magazine cuttings of your favourite singer on your bedroom wall with blu tack? It will work just as well to put up your printed photos and more without leaving lasting damage. Be aware that if the paint beneath is thin it could peel off with the tack.
  4. Hang up your pictures on string or ribbon. Tie a piece of yarn, string or ribbon from one side of the room to the other across your wall. Use wooden or coloured pegs to then hang your pictures from this line.
  5. Utilise a wire rack shelf as a display. These are a great way to display everything from birthday cards to photos and paintings. Plus, they can easily be leant against the wall if you can’t hang them up. You can even spray paint them in your favourite colour to add an additional personal touch.

With our guide for how to hang pictures without damaging walls, you can start to add your own personal touch to your home without worrying about putting it right when you move.

Key Steps

  • Try investing in specialised adhesive hooks.
  • Decorative tape is an easy way to stick printed photos or kid’s artwork directly to the wall.
  • Use reusable pressure putty like blu tack on the pack of your favourite photos.
  • Hang string or ribbon up and use pegs to display your favourite pictures.

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