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Minimalism for millennials: How to be, and live like, a minimalist

Get tips for minimalist living and learn how to create a minimalist house.


By Cleanipedia Team

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We live in a world where we’re inundated with advertising for the latest and greatest products and trends. Social media in particular can cause millennials to amass a load of ‘stuff’ they don’t really need – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here we share tips on how to become a minimalist by changing the way we think about technology, clothing and more.

Before you embark on your minimalist living journey, write out the reasons why you want to make a change. Use this list to stay motivated.

How to be a minimalist

If you’re looking to lead a more minimalist lifestyle there are a few easy things you can try:


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  • Stop impulse buying. If you see a new top, or pair of shoes, that you are likely to only wear once or put on the shelf because they look good, don’t buy them!

  • Shop your wardrobe. You might be surprised at what you find! Rather than going out to buy a new outfit, re-wear your old clothes. Mix and match, change up the accessories and alternate your shoes to create whole new outfits.

  • Travel lightly. There’s no need to pack items for each day. Wash and reuse them instead. Taking less luggage will make your trip much easier too!

Five ways to transform your house into a minimalist home

Did you know that minimalist living doesn’t mean you have to give up luxuries or move into a tiny home? Here are our top ten tips for living in a minimalist house.

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  1. Start by boxing up anything you have two of. If you look hard enough, you are bound to find duplicate clothing, toys and more are unnecessary things in your house. Sell or donate anything from this box.

  2. Take a bin bag and fill it. All those things you promised you would fix and never did, those jeans that shrunk in the wash … give them all a new home.

  3. Use it or lose it. There are so many things around your home that you don’t ever use – items you “keep for best” or in case they’re needed one day. Say goodbye to this clutter by donating clothes you haven’t worn for ages to charity. Recycle, donate, or sell other items, like homeware, you have never or rarely used.

  4. Declutter and get organised. Tidying expert and consultant Marie Kondo’s KonMari method is a great place to start - read our tips inspired by her, here. Organise your home by category (for example pens, sheets, mugs etc.) rather than by location (for example kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc.) This allows you to really minimise your home and clear out duplicates

  5. Think about functionality rather than sentimentality. Consider if each item has a purpose or if you are keeping it for sentimental reasons. If it is the latter, it may be time to let it go.

A minimalism life may not be something you’ve thought about before but hopefully now you see why it is such a great lifestyle change. With our tips for how to live minimally you will hopefully find the process easy to implement.

Key Steps

  • Buy only what is necessary instead of things you want.

  • Re-wear old clothes, change accessories, and switch up shoes to create new outfits. 

  • Get rid of duplicates – you don’t need two of the same book or two dozen pens.

  • Try Marie Kondo’s method to organise your home.

  • Let go of sentimentality and think more about the purpose of items in your home.

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