How to make a DIY hanging planter

Find out how to make a hanging planter, with hanging plant ideas and tips to design your own basket.


Plants in pots by windowsill ready for a DIY hanging planter

Key steps

  • When making hanging baskets, think about matching them with the decor of your home.
  • Decorate your homemade planters with papier maché, paints or stickers.
  • Use bright flowers in your DIY hanging planter to add a splash of colour to your home.
  • Trailing plants add a bit of depth and excitement to hanging planters.

We're pleased to hear that hanging planters have made a comeback for 2019. They're a fun and interesting way to brighten up any indoor space, and better still, they can be homemade. Read on to discover how to make a hanging planter, and our top DIY tips to provide you with hanging plant ideas as well as how to design your own baskets.

When you’ve chosen your hanging basket ideas, and finish your DIY, be sure to clean down any areas where you made them using good quality products like Cif Cream.

How to make your own homemade planters

Did you know that making hanging baskets at home is actually easier than you may think? Plus, it’s a great opportunity to recycle and upcycle things you may already have in your home. If you wat to know how to make a hanging planter, take a look at our top three homemade hanging basket ideas.

1.     Recycle an old container or jam jar.

What you need:

An old container, scissor (or a drill), string or twine and something to decorate your container.

How to make your DIY hanging planter:

1. Cut or drill (taking care, especially if your container is glass not to cause it to shatter or hurt you in the process) holes into the side of your container. 2. Thread string or ribbon through the holes creating the hanging part. 3. Using papier mache, stickers or paint decorate your new planter however you like!

2. Turn an old dish or terracotta pot into a hanging planter.

What you need:

An old dish or terracotta pot and a long length of twine.

How to make your DIY hanging planter:

  1. Create pleats with knots and different angles using the twine.
  2. Wrap around your dish or terracotta pot.
  3. Ensure that the pieces of twine are secure around the edges and well balance to prevent soil or plants falling out.
  4. More often than not with these they will not need decorating as they look lovely as they are!

3.  Create a homemade tiered hanging planter.

What you need:

Wire planters in a variety of different sizes, string or twine and embellishments and/or paint.

How to make your DIY hanging planter:

  1. You can use as many different tiers for this one as you like.
  2. Allowing for space to plant your chosen flowers, use the twine or string to attach the wire planters together in tiers.
  3. Why not paint each wire planter a different colour or add embellishments such as pearls and beads to spice it up?

Which plants should you use for hanging baskets?

When it comes to hanging plants ideas, there are a few top choices to bear in mind.

  • Begonia produce large blooms and would need less to fill your homemade planter. They also provide a full season of bright colours.
  • Trailing plants such as fuchsias are great not only for adding colour but they are hardy through the winter and will grow again next year!
  • Verbena are compact, easy to grow flowers that will add a bright pop of colour to your hanging baskets.
  • Lobelia are the perfect flower to grow for hot summers as they will survive even the hottest of days.

With our tips for making your own DIY hanging planter you will now be able to add a little homemade, personal touch to your living space in no time.

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