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Make healthy eating easier with these fridge organising ideas

Simply knowing how to organise your fridge can help you to eat healthier. We share clever tips and helpful hacks that are sure to get your fridge organised in its best shape yet.


By Cleanipedia Team

fruits and vegetables organized in the fridge

We might have the intention to eat healthily, but it’s difficult to stick to those good intentions when our fridge is packed full of tempting treats or resembles edible chaos. For a helping hand with healthy eating, fridge organisation is key. Here, we share our top tips for a zen fridge and a healthier, happier you.

Let’s start with a clean fridge

Yep! It’s that job you didn’t want to do, but good fridge hygiene is important and cleaning your fridge to rid it of any harmful bacteria is the starting point. Take everything out and, using some warm soapy water, wipe down the shelves, drawers, handle and doors. When it comes to drying the inside of your fridge, a handy hack is to use a microfibre cloth, which is ultra-absorbent and great for soaking up water after washing. Next, go through all the food you’ve taken out and check sell-by dates, chucking anything past it or that looks questionable (yes furry jam, that’s you). Want to know more? Check out our top fridge cleaning tips

How you store food in your fridge matters

Chucking it all in and hoping for the best isn’t advised. Having too much food in your fridge can affect the temperature and cause bacteria to breed, so it’s important not to cram too much on each shelf. But where we put our food matters too. Research shows that consumers will often favour products placed in the middle or centre of a display. This middle-shelf bias also applies to your fridge, and we often put our favourite snacks on the middle shelf for easy access. Great if they’re healthy, but a slippery slope if they’re not. Luckily, something as simple as a good fridge layout can help us make a more conscious decision in what we eat. Here are some pointers on how to organise your fridge:

  • Raw meats, fish and poultry should go on the bottom shelf, the coldest part of the fridge, in sealable containers to help avoid any cross-contamination.
  • Keep all the ready-to-eat items, such as cured meats, cheese, and leftovers on the top shelves.
  • Use the middle shelves to keep dairy and eggs and healthy snacks
  • Store vegetables and fruit in the salad drawers or air-tight containers.
  • The fridge door is the warmest part of the fridge, so only store condiments here.
  • Tape your supermarket receipt to the fridge door to remind you of what you have (and just how much it cost).

Avoiding temptation: clever fridge storage hacks

They say we eat with our eyes, and this is certainly true when it comes to opening your fridge. As the door swings open, those moreish morsels and tempting treats are lit up, winking back at us. How can we not snaffle a few naughty snacks? Easy! Just follow these hacks:

  • Put sugary snacks and not-so-healthy bites into opaque tubs to dim-down the allure.
  • Have some pre-portioned healthy grab and go snacks, such as vegetable crudités, chopped fruit or cheese in transparent tubs or bags.
  • Organise the tubs according to your preferred fridge layout, but with the healthy snacks within easy reach on the middle shelves.

And there you have it, fridge organisation at its best. Once you’ve completed this fridge feng shui, we think you’ll be feeling pretty good about your next visit.

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