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How to organise your kitchen: 6 storage solutions for small spaces

Discover our top five space saving ideas to make the most of the space in your kitchen.


By Cleanipedia Team

Kitchen storage solutions for small spaces jars in a kitchen cupboard

Key steps

  • Use concentrated cleaning such as Cif Refill to create more space within your cleaning cupboard.
  • Try out interchangeable mop and broom handles to limit the number of bulky items.
  • Get products off the floor and countertop with mounted storage that uses “dead” space.
  • Invest in nesting or collapsible bowls, containers and furniture to save space.

Making the most of your space at home is a priority for many families, and for a whole host of different reasons. Whether you want more space to entertain at dinner parties or just lack sufficient workspace, here are six storage solutions for small spaces to help you organise your home, starting with the kitchen.

Free cupboard space by making the most of 'dead' space on the walls and ceilings. Use hooks and racks to hang pots, pans and utensils in this handy location – it’s one of our favourite space saving kitchen ideas!

Our top six space saving kitchen ideas

These six key kitchen space savers will help you optimise your space:

1. Use concentrated cleaning products.

Concentrated products save space vs buying bigger, standard products. Investing in refillable cleaning products – like the 10x concentrated Cif Ecorefill which uses 75% less plastic vs a spray bottle – saves space, helps the environment and could save you a few pennies too!

2. Try refillable options.

Investing in refillable cleaning products – like wash pods or spray refills – also saves space at home in terms of storage (not to mention helping the environment)

3. Try interchangeable mop and broom handles.

Having one product that can be utilised for multiple different uses will ensure you don’t have lots of bulky items at home. Give interchangeable mop and brooms a try – some brands even offer foldable handles to reduce their height when stored.

4. Invest in nesting bowls and other stackables.

A great space saving idea is to purchase products that nest within one another. There are plenty of products that do this, such as mixing bowls and even tables! Having one inside the other means you clear up space in cupboards and drawers. Perfect.

5. Try out collapsible containers.

From colanders and draining boards to storage containers and measuring cups, there are a wide variety of collapsible products which fold down after use to clear up space in your kitchen cupboards and on surfaces.

6. Get bulky items off your kitchen counters.

Attach hooks, shelving or rails to the base of your eye-level cupboards to hold items that would usually take up valuable counter space. This works well for lighter items such as paper towels and kitchen utensils and ensures they’re still in easy reach when you need them.

Now you have a few space-saving ideas and storage solutions for small spaces to help you get your house in order. So from using refillable cleaning products to testing wall mounted storage, you'll always be able to make the most of small spaces at home. For more tips on kitchen storage and tidying, read here!.

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