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How to stop stairs from creaking

Find out how to stop stairs creaking and avoid night-time disturbances for good!


By Cleanipedia Team

Wooden staircase with creaky stairs
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Key steps

  1. Identify the offending step on your stairs.

  2. Remove and replace the old screws that are moving.

  3. Add extra screws if replacing them isn’t an option.

  4. If you have access to the underside of the step, add a wood wedge to prevent movement.

  5. Use stair runners or covers to mask the sound of the creak.

Creaky stairs are a similar problem to creaking floorboards, but there are different causes and solutions. Because you may be able to work on stairs from underneath to stop the creaking noise, creaky stairs can be easier to resolve. Read on for our top tips for how to fix squeaky stairs with some pretty simple hacks. 

Creaking floorboards are just as annoying as creaky stairs! Once you’ve turned down the volume on your stairs, why not fix your creaky floors too?

Want a quick fix to quieten the squeak? Add a dry lubricant, like corn starch or talcum powder, to help mask the sound of wood-on-wood squeaks or loose nails.


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How to fix creaky stairs: A simple guide to fix that annoying creaky step

Follow our simple, 'step-by-step' guide and find out how to stop squeaky stairs quickly and easily.

1.    To fix creaky stairs, the first step is identifying the offending stair!

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2.    Once identified, you can move on to stop stairs creaking with the following methods:

  • Replace squeaky screws. Some squeaks are caused by the old screw becoming worn or moving in the hole. In this case, removing it and replacing it with a new one should do the trick.

  • Drill in additional screws. If you don’t want to replace the screw, adding a second should stop the creaks. Simply put an additional screw next to the old one, to stop the old one moving around and squeaking.

  • Pop a wedge of wood in to prevent movement. If you have access to the underside of the stairs, drive a wedge of wood into the gap beneath the squeaking step and screw it into place.

  • For longer gaps, use adhesive. If the gap cannot be dealt with using a wood wedge, adding construction adhesive should fill the gap, prevent the movement and stop the squeak.

3.    If you don’t have access to the underside of the stairs or you’re not confident in your DIY skills, you may want to simply mask the sound of the creak. A few ways you can reduce the noise include:

  • Stair runners. You can get these in carpet, rubber or sisal material.

  • Stair covers. These are pieces of wood which fit over the step.

Now you know all kinds of methods for how to stop stairs, you’ll never have to worry about waking the household up with squeaky stairs in the night!

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