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How to store clothes cleverly

Discover our tips for how to store clothes and how to keep clothes smelling fresh in storage.


By Cleanipedia Team

storing clothes
  • Use hooks and storage baskets to add extra storage space to your wardrobe.
  • Try free-standing wardrobe racks and under-bed storage if you don’t have a wardrobe.
  • Keep clothes smelling fresh with great-smelling detergents like Surf.    
  • Get long lasting freshness and a brilliant clean before storing clothes by using detergents like Surf and ensuring that clothes are completely dry before storing.

    How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

    There are a few reasons why knowing how to store clothes properly once you’ve washed, dried and ironed them is important; from being able to locate an outfit fast to protecting clothes from damage and keeping them smelling fresh to prevent having to rewash them. This simple guide will help you understand how to protect clothes in storage and keep them fresh from wash to wear.

    How to store clothes in a small dresser or wardrobe

    It is easy to get carried away in the shopping centre sales, and end up with a lot of new clothes and not much space in which to store them. Here are some top tips to make every inch of space count!

    • Hooks can help you make use of any empty space, as well as being good for all sorts of smaller items, like jewellery, belts, scarves and other accessories. Simply pop some hooks on the inside of your wardrobe doors and away you go.
    • Maximise the space in a small wardrobe by adding small storage boxes beneath your hanging clothes.
    • Keep your shoes stored in multi-story shoe storage keeping them in pairs as well as making the most of your storage space.
    • Try installing extra hanging rods at right angles to the main one to add extra hanging space to a narrow wardrobe.
    • Bulky items like coats and jumpers are hard to store, so use vacuum packing to save space. It’s also a great step in figuring out how to protect clothes in storage from nasty critters like moths.

    How to keep clothes smelling fresh in storage

    If you are using a small space to store your clothes, knowing how to keep them fresh is doubly important. There are two easy ways you can do this:

    1. Use a quality detergent like Surf which offers not only a great clean but long-lasting freshness.
    2. Add small cotton bags filled with herbs or dried flowers like lemongrass or lavender to your drawers and the bottom of your wardrobe.

    How to store clothes without a dresser

    No dresser? No problem! Here are some simple alternative storage solutions to try:

    • Pop your shoes onto a shelved rack near the front door, keeping your house clean and clutter free.
    • A free-standing clothes rack is an easy and cheap solution to store your clothes.
    • The space under your bed is the perfect place to offer additional storage spots, and there are plenty of under-bed storage drawers and boxes on the market to use to store your clothes.
    • Try upcycling a second hand or antique trunk from a local charity shop to add an extra storage option.

    From space-saving wardrobe solutions to how to keep clothes smelling fresh in storage you now have all the tips you need to store your clothes after you’ve washed them.

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