How to untangle a necklace chain

Ever opened your jewellery box to find a tangle of necklaces? You're not alone. Make use of our tricks to banish all knots and have your necklaces ready for their next outing.


how to untangle a necklace

Key steps

  • Work in a dry, clean area.
  • Keep your area well-lit.
  • Use oil or baby powder to help the knot slide apart.
  • Use two needles or a screwdriver in the middle of the knot.
  • Pull apart the knot to separate it.
  • Store your necklaces properly to prevent knots.

Apart from patience and long fingernails, did you know there are actually a number of ways and tools to make detangling a necklace chain easier? We’ve listed a number of tricks to try out and a method with a few easy steps to show you how to untangle a necklace.

To prevent necklaces getting tangled, store them stretched out between two hooks or pins. That way, there's little risk of any knots forming!

How to untangle a necklace chain: tips, tricks, and step-by-step guides

Necklaces have a tendency to get knotted up no matter how neatly you store them. Fortunately, we’ve got some tricks to get you out of this tangled mess. Here’s how to unknot a necklace:

  1. Always work in a clean, dry area.
  2. Make sure your work area is well-lit.
  3. Try using lubricating oil.
    1. Spread out the necklace.
    2. Add lubricating oil to the knotted area.
    3. Slide the sharp tips of two needles into the centre of the knot.
    4. Use the two needles to pull apart the knot.
    5. Wash the necklace thoroughly to remove all traces of lubricating oil.
    6. Dry the necklace by enveloping it in a towel (not too fluffy, or the lint might get caught in the chain).
  4. Try using baby powder.
    1. Sprinkle baby powder over the knot.
    2. Gently rub the knot between your fingertips to loosen the knot.
    3. Slide the sharp tips of two needles into the knot centre.
    4. Pull the knot apart and separate the pieces to remove the knot.
    5. Wash the necklace and remove all traces of baby powder.
    6. Dry the necklace with a lint-free towel.
  5. If you don’t have needles, try using a screwdriver.
    1. Insert a screwdriver into the middle of the knot.
    2. Wiggle it back and forth to loosen the knot.
    3. Pull apart the knot with your fingers.
  6. Take care not to get frustrated and simply pull at the knot. This could make the tangle worse or even break the necklace.
  7. Ensure you always store your necklaces properly to prevent future knots.
    1. Do your necklace up at the clasp.
    2. Store each necklace in their own compartment or box, or on a necklace cushion.
    3. Alternatively, use a jewellery tree or a notice board with pins to hang your necklaces.

Hopefully the question of how to detangle a necklace is no longer a mystery to you! Having learned how to untangle a necklace chain, why not check out our other jewellery care articles such as how to clean platinum and how to clean silver, to become a master of jewellery upkeep and make your pieces sparkle?

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