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Is your attic a dream storage space waiting to happen?

Lofts shouldn’t just be a dumping ground for Christmas decorations and things that don’t fit elsewhere in the house. Get savvy and create a perfect attic with our loft storage ideas.


By Cleanipedia Team

organized garage with shelves and boxes

The humble loft is a feature of many UK homes, but often it isn’t used to its full potential. Find out how you can use the space wisely and stylishly with our top tips for attic storage ideas.

Loft conversion ideas: A bedroom, study or playroom?

Firstly, think about what you’d like your loft to be converted to. An extra bedroom? An office or study? A playroom? Balance what you think your home would benefit from with the amount of space you have. Once you’ve decided, you can then build your storage solutions around this focal point.

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If you just want to use the space for storage, maybe think of something other than shelves and cupboards to break up the layout of the room. A cute little stool or chair in the corner and a small desk, or even a stylish wall mirror on any spare wall space, could give the room a homely feel.

Wondering what to store in your attic? Check out our loft storage ideas.

How to make the most of your loft

Get measuring! Loft spaces can be unorthodox with sloping ceilings and structural beams - so get that tape measure out to ensure you can make the most of your space. When it comes to selecting your shelving or other storage solutions, you can then be confident of maximising the loft’s potential by using furniture that is the right height.

Furniture for loft conversions

Don’t be afraid to mix up the furniture. It can be tempting just to buy simple shelving units and boxes - however, you can really increase your loft’s visual appeal by choosing a range of items. If there’s enough space for a wardrobe, do it! You would ideally hang your clothes in the bedroom, so treat your loft in the same way and keep your clothes crease-free at the same time. (Before packing them up, make sure your clothes are properly washed and dried).

You could also consider creating bespoke storage solutions. If you really want to maximise your space, ready-made furniture might not be the best solution - so ask around bespoke furniture designers and see what your options are. You may be able to utilise those awkward nooks and crannies by commissioning someone to make furniture for you. The results can be both practical yet eye-catching; think modern cupboards with drop-down doors, angled shelving units, pull-down beds and made-to-measure drawers up to the ceiling.

Creative loft conversion storage ideas and inspiration

Get creative! Again, your loft storage space needn’t be purely functional. Try upcycling old or basic furniture with your own signature style, whether that’s by just adding a quick lick of paint or distressing the surfaces with sandpaper.

You can also create the illusion of space quite easily - by just adding a couple of mirrors. They don’t take up much space and can also add extra light into the room as well as a sprinkle of personality.

Remember the key considerations for creating a stylish loft storage space:

  • Decide on the focal point
  • Measure the dimensions and get the right furniture for the space
  • Get different types of furniture and look at bespoke storage solutions
  • Don't be afraid to get creative!

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