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How to keep your house clean

Cleaning your house on a regular basis helps you to keep on top of household dirt & dust! Here are some simple tips on efficient cleaning methods to use.


By Cleanipedia Team

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Key steps

  1. Create a cleaning schedule and divide up the jobs between everyone in the house.
  2. It's easier to stay on top of the cleaning by doing a little bit every day, but there's nothing wrong with a full house clean scheduled for once a month.
  3. Stock up with the right cleaning products for your kitchen and bathroom. Combining the right cleaning products with a little organisation is the key to success. 

Knowing how to keep your house clean is one thing. Actually doing it is another thing altogether. However, there’s a wealth of tips and tricks out there to help you keep on top of the day-to-day running of your home, leaving it feeling as spick and span as any spring clean.

Keeping your cleaning cupboard well-stocked will help you efficiently clean your home. Good quality cleaning products like Cif and Domestos will get the job done and mean you don’t have to spend time mixing your own solutions! Just read the directions on the label, and always test any product in a small area first.

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

How to clean your house

When cleaning your house, it’s often useful to break up the work into small chunks. Not only does this make the chores seem more manageable, but dividing up your house according to the cleaning method required will also result in a more thorough and effective job done.

Start by drawing up a cleaning schedule. To do this, list every room or area with a timescale of how regularly they need to be cleaned. Divide up the jobs between everyone living in the house, being mindful of people’s workloads and preferences when it comes to cleaning. (If someone loves to hoover, assign them the hoovering! If someone has asthma or detests dusting, be considerate and give them something else to do instead.)

Every job should have a deadline. Most people find it easier to do a little bit every day, but there’s nothing wrong with doing a full top-to-bottom house clean once a month. All that is important is that the deadline is clear from the start, and make sure everyone sticks to it.

How to clean your bathroom

Bathrooms are the easiest rooms to clean, although not always the most pleasant. Try to clean your bathroom at least once a week and rinse down your bath or shower after every wash to prevent water stains. Spray glass and mirrors with a commercial glass cleaning product and clean with a paper towel. To avoid streaks, wipe the surface with old newspaper after washing. Scrub your toilet with a toilet cleaner like Domestos Total Blast, using a long-handled brush to get inside the bowl. Flush to finish. Before using any cleaning product, make sure to wear rubber gloves, read the label and follow the directions, and test the product in a small area first before proceeding.

Safety Warning

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

How to clean your bedroom and living room

Create space to clean by tidying away all your bits, bobs, and hidden piles of ‘stuff’. Polish furniture with a commercial spray that is designed for the material you are polishing and carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions. Open the windows and wipe off with a clean dusting cloth. Bedding and curtains should be washed by hand in warm water and left to air-dry or, if machine washable, be sure to wash according to the sewn-on care label. Sweep or vacuum the floors and, voila! One dirt-free, mess-free room for you to sit back and relax in.

How to clean your kitchen

There’s more to cleaning your kitchen than just washing up pots, pans, and plates. Doing the dishes is a daily necessity, so don’t let this slip – it will only encourage bacteria and result in a whole lot more work for you at the end of a long week. Microwaves, refrigerators, rubbish bins, cabinets, and all kitchen appliances need to be wiped down and cleaned regularly. It only takes a couple of minutes each, but will keep your surfaces safe and hygienic for food preparation. Use a commercial cleaning product like Cif Actifizz Lemon and a clean damp cloth, opening the windows for ventilation and always carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions. Mop the floor with the appropriate Cif floor cleaner for your surface (just follow the directions on the label and test in a small area first) and leave to dry.

A clean house – all it takes is just a little organisation, a little effort, and the right cleaning products!

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