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Laundry room ideas to make laundry days easier to manage

Try our laundry room ideas and tips to keep on top of your laundry each week.


By Cleanipedia Team

Laundry room ideas to make laundry days easier to manage

Laundry can often seem like a never-ending task. If you’re not washing clothes or drying them then you’re trying to find the time to iron, fold, and put everything away again. To help you take control and stay on top of your laundry, give our laundry room ideas a try.

When choosing laundry room storage ideas, be sure to consider how high up products are kept – so that they’re safe from little hands or pets.

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

Top 5 utility room ideas

Try our tips for utility room organisation to get your laundry room in order:

  1. Try different laundry storage ideas. Laundry baskets for different coloured fabrics or material types can make the process of sorting clothes easier.
  2. Colour code your storage boxes to get children involved. This way they can pop their own laundry in the right place.
  3. Treat stains immediately to prevent them setting in and being harder to remove. Rub quality detergents like Persil directly onto the stain before washing as normal.
  4. Keep your appliances clean so that they’re always working at their best.
  5. Tidy your utility room regularly. Don’t forget to wipe surfaces with quality cleaners like Cif.

Top 3 small laundry room ideas

If you have a small utility room or no separate room for organising your laundry, then these small laundry room ideas could help you keep things in order:

  1. Give each member of your family a mesh bag to keep in their room for dirty laundry.
  2. Hang drying racks from the ceiling to make use of available space.
  3. Consider utility room shelving ideas such as putting them up in unused corners and utilising areas that may otherwise be considered wasted space.

Now that you have some great utility room storage ideas, you can ensure you keep the room organised. Once organised, you’ll be able to make sure your laundry isn’t an arduous task but instead one that you are on top of each week.

Key Steps

  • Utilise all the space you have, from corner shelving to ceiling drying racks.
  • Maintain a regular routine for laundry to prevent it becoming overwhelming.
  • Use good quality cleaning products like Persil and Cif.
  • Always treat stains immediately so they don’t get set in.

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