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Avo-go at GYO veg! Learn how to grow an avocado from a stone

Want to flex your green fingers? Learn how to grow avocado plants from their stones here.


Open avocado with stone: how to plant an avocado stone

Key steps

  • Use toothpicks to suspend the stone above water at the top of a jar.
  • It should begin to grow within 2­–6 weeks.
  • Once it has thick roots and grows leaves, transfer to a pot with soil.
  • Keep in a warm, sunny spot.
  • Water it regularly to keep it healthy.

In the spirit of reducing food waste, we're all looking more closely at what we're throwing away and what we can reuse. One project that can come out of this is growing an avocado plant from the stone. This is not only a fun activity but it also leaves you with a cool new houseplant! Read below for our guide to how to grow an avocado stone with tips, tricks and hacks for your labour to bear fruit.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see your new plant bearing fruit. This takes years and a warm climate. In the meantime, you have a lovely plant in your home!

How to plant an avocado stone: grow your own avocado with ease

With the following simple step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to grow avocado from an avocado stone with ease.

  1. Eat the avocado and remove, wash, and dry the stone.
  2. Choose a jar to grow avocado from stone in and fill it with water until it is close to the brim.
  3. Press three toothpicks into the stone.
    • The toothpicks will rest on the edge of the jar to suspend the stone from the rim.
    • The toothpicks should be at an angle, to allow about an inch of the stone to sit in the water.
    • Make sure the widest end of the stone is pointing down into the water.
  4. Leave your stone to start to grow.
    • Place your jar (and avocado stone) in a warm, sunny spot.
    • Make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight!
    • Don’t forget to replenish the water as required.
  5. Within 2–6 weeks you will begin to see results. The stone will begin to sprout roots and a stem. Not seen any results after 8 weeks? It’s time to try again with a new stone.
  6. Allow the stem to grow.
    • Once the stem is 6­–7 inches tall, cut it back about halfway.
    • Keep an eye out for the roots growing thick and the stem growing new leaves. Now it’s time to plant it in soil!
  7. Remove your stone from the jar and put it into a pot.
    • You want a pot around 10 inches in diameter.
    • Ensure the pot has drainage holes to keep your plant healthy when watering.
    • Plant the stone in soil, ensuring around half the stone is still visible above the top layer of soil.
  8. Now it’s time to let your avocado plant grow! Here are some top tips for avocado plant care:
    • Place your pot in a warm, sunny location.
    • Water the plant regularly. The soil should be moist, but not saturated... you don’t want to drown the plant!
    • Pinching the stem every time your plant grows 6–7 inches more will encourage it to grow bushier.

Learning how to grow avocado plants from the stone isn’t hard; it just requires patience. Planting and growing to reduce waste is only one idea. Why not check out our guide for how to make compost for other organic waste?


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