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Let there be light: 7 mirror styles to brighten your home

Brilliant mirror decoration ideas for your living room, whatever your budget.


By Cleanipedia Team

bathroom mirror with yellow and orange edges
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Mirrors can make a room feel brighter, lighter and more spacious. In the right place, they’ll reflect the light, helping to brighten a gloomy room. And there’s so much choice, from modern understated designs to art deco masterpieces that shout, “Behold my beauty mere mortal and bow down before me.” So, without further ado, here are some of our favourite living room mirror ideas.

1. Shaped mirrors

Most mirrors come in one of three shapes – square, rectangle or circle. So choosing a mirror in a more unusual shape adds instant interest to a room. Hexagonal mirrors with streamlined frames are stylish and fashionable, but they also have a timeless feel, so won’t look dated in six months’ time. Or how about a pebble-shaped mirror, with its organic, fluid lines?

2. Mirrors made from unusual materials

Most mirror surrounds are metal or wood. Why not break out of the box and choose something completely different? How about a simple rattan surround to echo a natural theme? Or a velvet frame for a hint of opulence?


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3. Mirrors as artwork

Bold, oversized frames definitely have the wow factor. There are a huge number to choose from right now, from dramatic gold starburst mirrors to chunky, brightly coloured acrylic designs.

4. Freestanding mirrors

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Mirror, mirror off the wall… Not all mirrors need to be hung up. An oversized mirror stood on a mantlepiece can look more luxe than one attached to the wall. (Just make sure it’s secure.) Or look for a huge antique mirror that could stand on the floor, propped against a wall, to bring light and interest to a dull hallway.

5. Vintage mirrors

Looking for mirror decorating ideas on the cheap? Many of the new mirrors available in the shops are inspired by ones from previous decades. (Think striking art deco elegance or Georgian swirls, rather than eighties gilt.) The new ones can easily set you back a few hundred gold coins, but originals can often be picked up for a steal. We found kitsch mirrors from the fifties for £10 on eBay, and hand-carved Arts and Crafts ones for under £50. As you know, we do love a second-hand bargain here at Cleanipedia!

6. Mirrors to deceive

No, we’re not talking about the ones you find at a fairground, or those designed to flatter you in a shop changing room. We mean those mirrors that, at first glance, look like a window. Often called window-style mirrors, they’re sectioned to mimic the panes in an old leaded window. Arched mirrors work particularly well and they’re best placed opposite a real window, ideally one with a decent view.

7. Stained glass mirrors

Stained glass mirrors use coloured glass to create a pattern or picture. Some have stained glass decoration instead of a frame, with a mirror in the middle. Others go for a more mosaic effect, with coloured elements and decorative lead detailing across the whole of the mirror (speaking from experience, these are particularly handy if you want the benefits of extra light, without having to look at your messy hair every time you get up to make a cuppa). Wondering how to keep your new mirror clean and streak-free? We’ve got a hack for that…

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