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Loft storage ideas: how to make more of hidden household spaces

Here we explain why having a loft storage room is such a good idea and how to use the space most efficiently.


By Cleanipedia Team

Loft shelving ideas for files and folders
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Key steps

  • Be selective about what you put in the loft

  • Consider shelving tailored exactly to your space

  • Build in storage space if you are designing a loft conversion

An attic space in your house is a valuable asset for storage and more. It’s great for keeping the items that you still want to keep, but don't use around the home every day. Here we’ve got some easy-to-follow attic room storage ideas for making the most of the space, from what kinds of items to pack away in the attic to loft shelving ideas to make items more accessible.

Lofts are notorious for attracting dust so be sure to give them a regular clean so you protect all your much-loved possessions being stored there.

How to do a loft conversion – the dos and don’ts

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There are a few considerations you will need to make when you are thinking about making changes to your loft space.

  • DO check regulations to ensure your plans are within the local planning rules. Not all loft conversions require planning permission but other agreements, such as party walls, need to be considered.

  • DON’T settle for the first quote. Make sure you shop around in order to get the best deal for the work that you need done.

  • DO ensure your conversion is fully insulated and energy efficient and consider how it will be heated in the winter.

  • DON’T be afraid to ask your contractor questions and provide your input. After all, it’s your home!

  • DO consider safety aspects as well as cost. Make sure that the room can be accessed safely. This could incur a higher cost if the entry requires changes to be made on the floor below.

Loft storage ideas: What to put in the attic

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So you want to use your attic as a loft storage room, but which of your possessions should go up there? Here’s a list of attic room storage ideas to amend and adapt as you see fit:

  1. Sentimental items that you want to keep but have no use for in your everyday life (such as a wedding dress).

  2. Irregular use items like holiday gear (tents, suitcases) and DIY tools

  3. Seasonal objects such as BBQs or Christmas decorations

  4. Heirlooms not in frequent use

  5. Clothes you don’t want to wear now, but might do someday (jeans that are still a little bit too small, but won’t be one day...)

  6. Things you are storing for other people like your kids’ stuff when they go to uni or for the many years after when they refuse to sort it out!

Loft shelving ideas: Floor to ceiling shelves

If you’re looking for attic storage ideas for fitting more into your loft, then shelving is the way to go. The most efficient type is floor to ceiling. These allow you to utilise every little bit of space and of course, if these items aren’t in everyday use it doesn’t matter if they’re up top and need a footstool to reach. If you have specific loft shelving ideas in mind, consider making your own or having bespoke shelves made that fit the contours of your attic. This will help you utilise every bit of space you have.

Loft space ideas: How to combine storage with functionality

Sometimes storage isn’t the only use for a loft. If you’re considering a loft conversion, there are lots of loft space ideas that combine living space with lots of storage. Talk to your builder about this and see whether you can build in some storage space into the design for example cabinets built into slanting roofs or floor to ceiling wardrobes.

Those are just some of the attic storage ideas that should help you use this extra space to keep important items and if you want, turn it into a living space too. A loft storage room can really help declutter the rest of your house – just be sure to go through your possessions regularly and avoid keeping them in your loft just because you’ve got the space!

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