Making a DIY wine rack

Try these 3 wine storage ideas and make your own wine rack in 5 steps or less.


A glass wine decanter

Key steps

  • Work with care to prevent damage to yourself or others – use tools safely and work away from children or pets.
  • Only use wine racks for short-term storage.
  • Use an old pallet to create wine racks by cutting semi-circles in the slats.
  • Create an X shape out of wood and place inside old fruit crates for DIY wine storage.
  • Glue loops of rope to wooden boards for a modern design.

Looking for a new wine storage ideas? It’s easy to make your own wine rack and make sure your favourite wines are both accessible and stylishly displayed in your home. Just use these step-by-step instructions to make your own DIY wine rack from simple materials like old pallets.

Enjoying your wine now you’ve made your own DIY wine rack? Be sure to read our tips on how to remove wine from clothes if accidents happen!

DIY wine rack dos and don’ts

Before you start, there are a few dos and don’ts you should be aware of when it comes to putting your wine storage ideas into place.

  • DO take every safety precaution to prevent damage or injury to yourself, others, or your home.
  • DO make sure your wine is stored in a cool, humidity-controlled space.
  • DO use wine rack ideas to customise your home and add a unique touch. Choose a style that matches you.
  • DON’T spend a load of money – just repurpose old wood to make a DIY wine rack!

How to make your own wine rack: 3 ideas

With these ideas and step-by-step guides, you can build a wine rack from repurposed products with ease.

1) Create a pallet wine rack

Old pallets are easier to come by than you might think and will save you a fortune on buying brand new timber! Turn them into a wine rack in 3 steps:

  1.  Choose a pallet with gaps between the slats.
  2. Carefully cut out semi-circles in the slats on both sides of the pallet. This will create circular gaps for your wine bottles (just make sure the semi-circle measures the same as a wine bottle!). The gap should go all the way through to rest you win bottle on.
  3. Place labels on the slats, either above or below your gaps, to show which wine is stored where.

2)  Convert an old fruit crate into a DIY wine rack

Fruit crates can be repurposed from farms who no longer require them or bought at a local craft store. They take just 2 steps to be turned into a wine rack:

  1. Add some pieces of wood to create and X shape inside the crate. This gives you individual spaces for your wine bottles.
  2. Paint, stain or distress the crate wood to fit with your home décor.

3)  Use a rope and wooden board to create your wine rack

For a quick, easy and nautical inspired DIY wine rack, simply attach some manila rope or other stiff rope to a slab of wood. This method takes 5 steps to create a wine rack:

  1. Use a stiff rope to ensure it holds its shape.
  2. Decorate your wooden board to match your home décor.
  3. Use a glue gun to attach loops of rope onto the slab of wood.
  4. On one side, the loop should be wide enough to pass the main body of the bottle through. On the other side make it wide enough for the bottle neck.
  5. Leave the glue to dry before sitting your wine bottles inside the loops.

With these easy wine rack ideas and step-by-step guides to creating them, you can have a unique way to store your wine in several simple steps – whether you choose our pallet wine rack, fruit crate, or rope idea.

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