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Narrow hallway storage ideas to keep your hallway tidy and organised

We’ve got everything you need when it comes to fitting everything into even the smallest hallways, including hallway shoe storage ideas and more.


By Cleanipedia Team

Narrow hallway storage ideas to keep your hallway tidy and organised

Key steps

  • Use furniture that’s both functional and provides storage
  • Try out some more efficient hallway shoe storage ideas
  • Consider above-head-height shelving (just keep a footstool nearby!)

Every time you or your guests walk into the house, your entrance hall is the first place you come to, so it shouldn't be overlooked! That said, when you've got a narrow or small entryway, ideas for keeping shoes, coats and everything else that ends up there tidy can be hard to come by. Here, we’ve got some innovative hallway storage ideas to make it both inviting and functional for your household.

Keep smaller spaces decluttered to make cleaning easier. Give your hallway a germ-busting once over at least every week.

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Increasing your storage space: Entryway ideas

There are lots of things you can do to increase space. Try one of these simple ideas to start:

  • Place a bookcase along one wall and put the shelves at variable heights so there are separate compartments for shoes, coats, hats etc.
  • Make your storage into a feature: if you don’t have space for a cupboard, use hooks and line up your coats and shoes in an interesting formation.
  • Combine seating with storage; for example, get a little side bench that can also be opened and used to store non-seasonal outerwear.

Hallway shoe storage ideas

Shoes are always a problem if you don’t have enough space. They also have an annoying tendency to get all over the place and sometimes trip people up. Here are a few ways to avoid that fate:

  • Hang shoes in canvas dividers
  • Have a dedicated cupboard shoe cupboard tucked into an available nook
  • Leave shoes out on the porch when the weather is nice
  • If need be, limit the number of shoes everyone can have out at any one time
  • Invest in space-saving shoe storage to remove the mess and keep shoes in good condition
  • Utilise the full length and height of the walls with shoe storage (the less frequently you wear the shoes, the higher up they can go).

Narrow hallway storage ideas

Whether it’s very thin or shorter in length, sometimes you specifically need small entryway ideas. Here are a few things to try if you don’t have much space:

  • Opt for narrow shelving that takes up less space but utilise the area underneath it. For example, hang hooks for scarves or add personalised nooks for post.
  • Pick efficient furniture that will do more than one thing, for example, a cabinet for coats that also has a surface on which to put keys
  • Place very high shelves above head height, if you have a footstool to hand these make for great storage spaces.
  • Try an upstanding shoe storage unit – these slim-line pieces rest up against the wall and take up very little space.

Those are some of our favourite entry hall ideas for keeping everything where it needs to be, maintaining good design and a welcoming portal to your home. Play around with some of these hall storage ideas and see which ones work best for your family. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can get rid of that mess and make your hallway a great place to be!

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