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On a stand or on the wall? 10 TV room ideas

Settle down to binge on your favourite TV show in comfort and style with our TV room ideas.


By Cleanipedia Team

On a stand or on the wall? 10 TV room ideas
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Key steps

  • Consider the placement of your TV in relation to looking good both in and out of use.

  • Add cosy lighting – try stringing fairy lights if you’re looking for TV wall ideas.

  • Invest in comfy seats and cushions.

  • Try adding snack storage to your tv stand décor!

  • Build purpose-built areas to centre around your TV and make use of the wall space.

You may remember the days when TVs were big and bulky, and so most homes would centre their furniture living room furniture around it. These days, however, TVs are slim and inconspicuous flat screens, which means we are able to use them as just another piece of décor. Whatever room you choose to watch television, it is easy for it to be as stylish and enjoyable as the rest of your home. With our easy-to-follow TV room ideas you can be sure to have just that.

If your media is digital instead of on discs, use floating shelves on your TV wall to add a little something extra to the space without making it feel cluttered.

Top ten decor and TV unit ideas

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1. Find simple ways to spice up your TV stand décor and add a little something extra to the room. Why not use the TV itself to display art? Many TVs can now be programmed to display images even when they are off. Pick out your favourite piece of art or family photo and when it’s displayed on your TV, it will look like it’s hanging on the wall. Alternatively, to save energy, place your TV behind a screen and display art on the screen instead.

2.     Lighting is key, especially in smaller TV room areas. If you’re looking for small living room ideas with a TV involved, lighting is a great way to transform a room from feeling cramped to cosy. Try investing in wall mounted lamps or spot light ceiling lights. Choose those which give you the option of adjusting the lighting levels, so you can change the brightness depending on the mood.

3.     Don’t forget to consider the furniture too. Be sure to choose seats which are comfortable. After all, no one wants to be uncomfortable while relaxing in front of the TV and watching a movie! Try before you buy and invest in additional cushions too.

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4.     Frame your TV within a selection of art and photos. When it comes to tv wall ideas, this is a great choice for a multipurpose room. It helps to ensure that your TV doesn’t dominate the room.

5.     Choose a TV stand you can move around. TV stand ideas are as high-tech as the TVs these days. Within a smaller space, a moveable TV stand allows you to move it to a different section of your living room when not in use.

6.     TV stand ideas can include other functions. For example, consider snack storage for easy access to snacks when binging on your favourite TV show. You could even add in a mini-fridge and table. Be sure keep it clean with an effective surface cleaner like Cif.

7.     Use a cupboard to store your TV. TV cabinet ideas like this may sound counterintuitive, but a TV in a cupboard can be tucked away until you want to use it, ideal for those in multipurpose rooms.

8.     Keep the area clear of distractions. Having too many trinkets or ornaments in the same room can cause it to feel cluttered.

9.     Utilise your wall space by building purpose-built media storage. Within this you can set a TV in the centre of the wall with a series of shelves either side to store other media equipment such as consoles and movie discs.

10.  Don’t forget to use a neutral colour palette. TV stand décor as well as the rest of the room should be simple, and not distract from the TV itself. Be sure to opt for natural colours like cream or beige.

Now you have our top ten tips to creating the perfect TV room space, you can sit down and relax, enjoying time with your loved ones in the room you’ve created! 

Safety Tip !

Be sure to take care when moving a TV, and if it’s big, don’t do it alone. They are easy to drop and smash, and you could hurt yourself. Make sure you ask a family member or a friend for help.

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