Organising a hen party at home

Read on for great hen night games, tips, tricks and inspiration for organising a hen party at home.


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Key steps

  • Buy food and drink when it is on offer or ask guests to bring a buffet piece each.
  • Keep the guest list small.
  • Plan in fun activities and games.
  • Recycle empty bottles, cans and containers.
  • Keep a bin bag ready for rubbish.
  • Use Cif Spray for spills, accidents and post-party cleaning.

If you’re trying to come up with hen do themes and ideas, why not consider throwing a hen party at home? Not only is this a cosy way to celebrate the bride’s last single night, but it can also help you save money too. Read on for top tips on how to plan a hen party, including great hen night games and inspiration for alternative hen do ideas in the comfort of your own home. Plus, we’ll share how to minimise mess and clean up afterwards!

Keep on top of the mess by making sure bin bags are on hand for any rubbish. Plus, ensure you have good quality cleaning products like Cif Spray for post-party clean-up.

Top stay-at-home hen party ideas

Throwing a hen party at home doesn’t need to be stressful or expensive. Here are a few top tips for how to plan a hen party without a hitch.

  • If you’re throwing a hen party at home, you will need to make sure that food and drink is provided. The easiest, cheapest way to do so is to put together a buffet. To save money you could also:
    • Plan the food and drink in advance and make your purchases when you see things on offer at the supermarket.
    • Ask the guests to bring something each (one person to bring some fruit juice, one person to bring some cakes etc.)
  • While it would be great to have every friend and family member invited, throwing a hen party at home means limited space. Don’t go crazy on the guest list, sticking to the bridal party, close friends and a few family members.
  • Think about some fun hen themes, and decorate accordingly. Maybe you could throw a tropical island party with paper pineapple decorations, or come up with alternative hen do ideas that are personal to the bride, like theming it as her favourite film.
  • Brainstorm some fun stay-at-home hen party ideas to keep everyone entertained including hen night games like these:
    • ‘Mr and Mrs’ quiz. How well do the guests really know the bride and groom? Ask a variety of questions and see who tots up the most points.
    • Toilet roll bride. Split the guests into groups and give them a couple of toilet rolls each. Ask them to design a toilet roll wedding dress on one of the members of the group. Do a bridal catwalk: best toilet roll dress wins!
  • Guests who attend hen dos often don’t know each other as they come from different areas of the bride’s life. Why not set up a social media or messaging group to allow everyone to introduce themselves ahead of the hen night.

Cleaning up after a hen night

Whoever’s house is chosen to host the hen night, it is important to make sure that you make arrangements to leave it clean and tidy at the end of the night.

  • Empty bottles, cans and containers should be recycled appropriately.
  • Consider having a bin bag next to the buffet table so that rubbish can be disposed of throughout the night.
  • Always have products like Cif Spray to hand for cleaning up spills, accidents and more throughout and at the end of the hen do.

Throwing a hen night at home doesn’t have to be stressful or a strain on your wallet. With this guide to how to plan a hen party you can be sure to throw a successful party that everyone will enjoy.

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