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No wardrobe? You’ll love these storage ideas for small bedrooms

From hanging door hampers to crafty cork boards, here are our favourite canny storage ideas for your littlest room.


By Cleanipedia Team

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If your bedroom is more tiny tight space than spacious happy place, it’s time to get creative with these brilliant small bedroom storage ideas. Our handy hacks will help keep your small space uncluttered and hide away those piles of clothes…

Before getting started, make sure your messy bedroom is as clean as can be with minimal effort, by following this helpful guide to making your bedroom look and feel clean.

Utilise your bedroom door

If you’re looking for clothes storage ideas for small spaces, it’s all about utilising the door. This is the perfect place to hang those items kicking around your bedroom floor – think things like stacks of shoes, hoards of handbags and general bits and bobs.

Here are a handy few tips for utilising your bedroom door space:

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  • Use hanging laundry hampers as a place to store your dirty linen and clean socks.

  • Add hanging sink or bathroom cabinet storage over the door to place items you don’t have room for, such as hair bobbles, makeup, tissue boxes and nick-nacks.

  • Try an over door pocket organiser, these are perfect for storing shoes and other clumsy items kicking around on the bedroom floor.

  • Secure several rows of hanging towel bars to the door to use for towels, dressing gowns and other large items of clothing you need to get to easily.

  • Add lots of hanging hooks to the towel bars to hang your t-shirts, sweaters and trousers.

  • Affix a spice rack to the back of the door - the handy spaces that would usually accommodate the containers are super spots to store your smalls, such as neatly folded up underwear and socks.

Make the most of your under-bed space

If there’s space below your bed (and most small rooms have this, as your cat will vouch for), this makes ideal storage for a small bedroom without a closet.

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  • Raise your bed up using risers and add some sturdy storage drawers below it. Use modular storage solutions to reach the height you want to achieve. Then add a lick of paint to the drawers to match your decor.

  • If you have space under your bed but simply can’t raise it higher, reuse old drawers from unwanted cupboards. Fix four furniture castors to the bottom of each to make them easy to slide in and out and move around under the bed. This is perfect for storing less frequently used clothes.

Use a corkboard for delicate items

If you’ve lots of little bits and pieces kicking around like scarves and jewellery, use a corkboard and push pin hooks to hang them neatly and keep them within easy reach.

It’s all in the crafty shelving

Fit some floating shelves, boxes or hanging shelves and personalise them with a coating of chalky paint. Then use the shelf space to store your folded clothes in stackable wire mesh or plastic letter trays, adding a different shade of clothing per rack.

Walls mean space

Wall mount a coat rack to make space for those clumsy jackets which are piling up in the corner of the room. Or if you fancy a spot of DIY, paint a sizeable wooden board and mount it to the wall, and affix lots of different sized hooks to hang your clothes.

The ceiling's not the limit

Suspending items from the ceiling is a super idea to store clothing you can’t put in a wardrobe. Hanging baskets and macrame hanging planters come in many sizes and are not just for the garden or lounge – hang them from your ceiling to store items such as belts and scarves.

Hanging clothes in a (very) tight space

If your small bedroom is filled with jutted out walls and tight alcoves (watch your head), try using some extendable or telescopic curtain poles to handily fit the width of your small spaces. These are perfect for creating clothing rails (think designer store style displays) in small bedrooms.

So now your small bedroom storage hacks are sorted, it’s time to get started on setting up a comfortable spare room.

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