Seashell and driftwood crafts for the home

Here we’ll show you how to make beautiful ornaments and décor using driftwood and shell crafts.


a bead curtain made of seashells as a craft idea for the home

Key Steps

  • Treat driftwood to protect and stop it from decaying over time.
  • Turn old driftwood into a candle holder and learn how to make your own candles here.
  • Create a holiday photo display with old driftwood.
  • Spice up your mirror with shell decorations.
  • Create a seashell mobile for your garden or home.

Any trip to the seaside involves finding a few beach treasures you don't want to leave behind – and with this article, you won’t have to! We’ll guide you through how to take your holiday back home with you. Preserving flowers isn’t the only way to create beautiful home ornaments and décor, here you can discover how to do the same using driftwood ideas and shell crafts to decorate your home. 

To make sure your seashell crafts and driftwood decorations last longer, thoroughly clean all seashells and treat driftwood to protect them from and remove any traces of sand and beach bugs!

Creative home décor using driftwood: ideas for fun and unique additions to your home

Here are two creative driftwood craft ideas to add a unique and personal touch to your home filling it with holiday memories.

  1. Homemade candle holder. Your driftwood crafts don’t have to be boring. Why not try making a driftwood candle holder? All you need to do is treat the wood to protect it, cut out some holes for your candles and display your new, rustic candle holder in your bathroom and on your mantelpiece. Do you also need to lighten up your outdoor area? This is a great driftwood crafts idea for the garden and patio too! Once you’ve made your candle holder, why not turn your hand to candle-making too using our guide here?
  2. Display for your holiday photos. What better way to display your holiday photos than with a piece of driftwood you picked during your beach holiday? Here are three driftwood crafts ideas for displaying your photos:
  • Cut slats in the driftwood to stand your printed photos in.
  • Drill small holes and add metal photo holders to display your chosen snaps.
  • Create a rustic frame for your photos with a selection of smaller pieces of driftwood.

Ideas for creating shell decorations: using seashell crafts for amazing home décor

Shell crafts are great for when you want to bring the beach relaxed feel to your house. Read on for two easy shell crafts ideas to add a special feel to your home.

  1. Jazz up your mirror. This is one of the easiest of shell crafts ideas! Whether you fancy adding a little something extra to your dressing table or want a holiday touch in your bathroom, this is a great choice! Simply use some glue to stick seashells around your mirror to frame it, either in a pattern or randomly placed.
  2. Create a seashell mobile. You don’t have to have children to enjoy a seashell mobile. They are a great way to ward off unwanted birds such as pigeons in the garden and add something extra to your home. Simple drill holes in your shells, taking care to not shatter the shell. Add some thread and string them up in any design you like, attaching the end of your thread to an old coat hanger or sewing hoop to display your shells.

With these fabulous seashell crafts and driftwood ideas for garden and house décor, you can be sure to upcycle your holiday memories into something useful and beautiful.

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